POLL - What Jesus do you like best

  • Jesus - Divine Mercy
  • Jesus - Sacred Heart
  • Jesus - Holding a lamb
  • Jesus - with Mary and Joseph
  • Jesus - on the Holy cross
  • Other

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There is only one Jesus and He enfolds all that are within the poll so I will add to your your poll.
All of them.


The only one that bears his likeness, the Shroud of Turin.


I love all Jesus’ equally. I try not to discriminate even though they look different than me and my Jesus. My Jesus has a first name, it’s J e s u s, yes! My Jesus has a second name, it’s C h r i s t.

I have to admit that I’m partial to the bittersweet ‘touchdown Jesus’. The fact that he was struck by lightning and destroyed in a midnight blaze of glory is just a cherry on top of my memories.



I also had an impossible time answering this…each of those shows Jesus in different lights, and all of them are necessary for me depending on what I am facing. Currently, the Holy Spirit has been working with my heart to understand the gravity of Holy Eucharist, so I’m especially drawn to images of Christ on the cross. shrug


It’s too controversial :scream:


There is only one Jesus. In my view trying to pick different ones is plain silly.


I can’t say that I have a favorite. From an artistic perspective I have my opinions, but I’ll keep them to myself.

Since we’re on the topic of pictures of Jesus, I was walking around a Salvation Army “restore”, I think they’re called, and found what I can only refer to as a “trippy” picture of Jesus. It was of Him knocking on a door, and while it looked nice at first, I quickly noticed that the image was “modeled” after certain billboards and Valentine’s Day cards in that the image “shifts” based on where you’re standing. Very odd.


They all are not the same?


Christ Pantocrator for me.


Jesus on the cross is my favorite depiction, and the Sacred Heart is a close second.


Jesus Pantocrator.


How can I answer a question like that?



The one who saves me.


Christ with the Holy Family


This is starting to remind me of the dinner table scene during the movie Talladega Nights😜


I can’t pick just one Jesus so I selected “Other”.

If I have to pick a Jesus then I’m going with the Lord Jesus Christ of Ohio who used to hang in Mother Angelica’s room.



I hope you bought the Jesus Doorknocker picture. I love “trippy” Jesus pictures. I have a sparkle paint one from the 70s somewhere that I used to have on my wall when I was in my 20s. I called it “Space Jesus” as he was against a black background full of “stars”.


This is pure gold :smiley:

I am sorry that I never got to see Touchdown Jesus before he went up in a blaze of glory.

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