Poll: What of our Catholic faith are you most unsure about?


We as Catholics believe the Church is infallible, but that doesn’t mean we as individuals never doubt certain things of the Church.

*Poll: Out of these (random) choices, which are you NOT 100% shure of? Meaning, which one do you have the most doubt (if any doubt at all)? **
Or take it at another view: Which one do you have the hardest time understanding?


You need one more option.

“None of the above.”

At one point I’d maybe have picked one or two of those but it was my own ignorance more than disbelief.



well, of the ones on the list i would have to say papal infallibility sums up all of my other doubts.

i actually believe in all of the other ones (but i would call the sacrament of penance, reconciliation for i don’t believe we have to make payment to God for our sins… Jesus already did that. but i believe being reconciled to God through our confession is a sacrament, and that reconciling ourselves to the ones we sin against by confession and earning back trust is also sacramental in nature).

my issues have to do with defining the marian dogmas as binding for salvation (i actually don’t have a big problem with the dogmas themselves, but just the statement that we MUST believe in them to be saved). i believe women should be allowed to be priests (i think married people as well, but as that isn’t tied up in papal infallibility it’s a non-issue on this thread).

all of my other “issues” could be summed up in papal infallibility as well. but i don’t really think about that issue a lot, just the ones that trouble me that could be lumped into that.


I can’t say I’m unsure about any of those things-- that doesn’t mean I don’t have questions, but over the years I have learned that there are answers, I just don’t know them yet! I love our faith! :thumbsup:


Wow, I am pretty much sure of all those beliefs, so I guess I can’t vote.


Ditto for me.

There are other things that I am unsure about that aren’t on your list but there wasn’t an “other” choice. :slight_smile:


I didn;t vote. It doesn’t have none of the above…


None of the above. Sorry, Dude.

The poll might go better if the question were, “What Catholic doctrine do you have the most trouble understanding?” Sometimes I find a doctrinal point that I don’t understand, but I never doubt it.


Same here.


This would have been a better question. My answer would have been understanding exactly what invincible ignorance means within the context of no salvation outside the Church.


Originally Posted by Mannyfit75
I didn;t vote. It doesn’t have none of the above…

Same here.

And here.


None of the above. :heaven:


I’ll admit. Sometimes I have trouble with “Faith plus works” and wonder if we really do believe in sole fide.

Yes, I know that sin leads to death (Hell) and but still get that feeling of “God loves me and wouldn’t send me to Hell just for a sin.”

But if you think about it, it’s not that simple. What prevents us from Hell? Jesus. And He told us to love Him and repent our sins.

I think it’s fair to say that “loving God” and “repenting sins” are both good works. And that’s what the sacraments are for. Correct?


Other than in the most obvious cases (incest, for example) the aspect of Church teaching I don’t understand is the concept of Declarations of Nullity.

If I were in charge, nobody except the most obvious cases would ever get them. (Lucky thing I’m not in charge, isn’t it? :wink: )


You missed “I am 100% sure of all that the Catholic Church teaches”. And that’s my answer.


I’m not sure why some people continue to “protest” against Christ and his Church and her teachings.




The doctrine of Predestination is probably what has me most confused, in particular, its ramifications for human freedom of choice. I don’t really understand what the Church’s “official” position is, and I find that most Catholics don’t either. It’s a tricky one.


There are several things I don’t understand completely, but I am sure of all of it!


Uh - we don’t.

Sola fide is the Lutheran heresy. We believe in Sola Gratia; not Sola fide. :wink:

I think it’s fair to say that “loving God” and “repenting sins” are both good works. And that’s what the sacraments are for. Correct?

You got it! :thumbsup:

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