POLL: Who else had an Organ at there Church?


Next to the bells I remember as a lil guy, the organ bieng a part of mass and singing close like the eastern churchs but not so much a chant . Aside from the singing who remembers an organ bieng played in their church?


Does anyone still have the Organ playing at their church?


All the Parishes I have belonged to have had an organ. My current one splits time between the Organ and Piano. If there are other musical instruments, they tend towards the classical ones like Flute and Violin.



Had an organ in my hometown in two different parishes and we have one now.


I don’t have to remember. We have a very large pipe organ named “Providence”. It was built in 1992 along with the restoration of the choir loft (which had been removed during renovations just after Vatican II). Its largest pipes are 32’ tall and it has two ranks of trumpets. We have had several well known organists present concerts including Diane Bish (?) of the “Joy of Music” TV show. It can really shake the cathedral.


We had a 50 rank Rufatti Bros. Orghan installed during our renovation a few years ago. Our musical director (past, new one hasn’t taken the reigns yet) would also play the piano while another parishioner would play the organ. We also have had the accompaniment of the strings (violin, viola, cello, bass) some brass (trumpet, tuba, trombone) and unfortunetly percussion (tympani would not be bad, but snare and bass yuck), flute is always a sweet touch as can the oboe, bassoon and clarinet. We had an electric keyboard added that produces and wonderful reproduction of the clavichord and pther ancient keyboard instruments (really nice for baroque pieces).


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Our organ is played every Sunday even if the piano is palyed. But I really enjoy the bell choir–talk about elevating your soul


Our organ is played at 2 out of 3 Sunday Masses. It has pipes and all that cool stuff. On Saturday vigil, it sounds adequate, more of the Nancy Faust School of Organ Music for all you Sox fans. On Sunday morning, it is played so well, one would expect an angel to be the musician.

The one other Mass enjoys what we refer to as the Nairobi Trio accompanied by the Kumbaya Chorus. 'Nuff said.


The Mass is ended, go in peace! Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!




Every week and most first Fridays.


At my former parish, we had a two-manual Rodgers Cambridge electronic organ that I played every Sunday. It is still used at most of the weekend Masses and, thankfully, it is still in the choir loft. At my current seminary, there is a 1997-vintage, 44-rank Martin Ott tracker organ upstairs in the church and a 14 rank Ott organ up front. The new 32’ Posaune pipes just arrived this week!


I wish I had a pipe organ in my church. We do have an electric organ, one of the few in this city that I know of sadly. The choir loft is not used, again sadly. I’m fairly sure I was the last person up there and that was for dusting. It has such a beautiful view of the church too.


Yes. I can’t imagine not having an organ, other than way out in the country where it is impossible to install anything that big.

The Church I grew up in (Presbyterian/United Church of Canada) has a four-manual Cassavant pipe organ with 5018 pipes - glorious!! :thumbsup:

My current parish has a much smaller organ - I think it’s a two-manual, and I don’t remember seeing any external pipes. (It might even be electric - I’ve never actually taken a close look at it.)


We still have one. We had a good one (and organist), but they had to let a new organist use it - they broke it, and the old organist left the church because of that.

The new organist bangs on it so loudly now… The funny thing is, there was a dad and his baby behind us one Sunday, and right when the organist started banging music out, the poor baby started crying for minutes on end.


The church I grew up in had a very beautiful organ. And Duquesne HAS a very nice organ, but sadly it’s hardly ever used…


Just a note that many churches have pipe organs without visible pipes. They are frequently concealed in chambers, and often the only clue to their existence is that the sound comes from a large grille or opening, often with movable shutters (swell shades) covering it.


All the parishes I’ve belonged to have had organs. The one at my current parish is small, which limits our classically trained organists, but they still manage to get beautiful music out of it. :slight_smile:


Wow…do you happen to go to my Parish? :hmmm: :wink:

Our church uses the organ at one Mass (out of five). The rest use electric guitars, drums, xylaphone (sp?), chimes, and piano.

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