Poll: Who's Looking Forward to Feb 17th?

Since by definition this forum has media fans, maybe no one but me is looking forward to the end of analog television on Feb 17th, but I am.

No cable or satellite or digital adaptor for us! We’ve already had one teen start watching shows that I don’t particularly like, and the end of analog comes at a good time before the younger ones get interested.

Yes, I could have pulled the plug, but this changeover provides a good opportunity to begin something that I’ve been wanting: a non-TV family!

What do you foks plan?

I’ve heard (I don’t know) that this is the first step in Big Brother telling us what we can and cannot watch. I’m just glad I don’t watch much television. It won’t impact me very much at all.

Well, it’s our son’s 20th birthday, so that will be nice…

Well, happy birthday to him.:cake: .

Ours turns 16 the day after.

My niece, who is cuter than your niece (nanny nanny boo boo) will be 6 that day.:smiley: :smiley:

They’ve been doing that for years (remember the seven dirty words you can’t say on television?).

What this is about is forcing out antiquated technology for digital signals. Digital tv has many benefits such as better image and sound quality while taking up less bandwidth.

I plan on doing nothing, but it’s not because I have a digital TV, but because I have cable.

Either way, it won’t affect me too much.

Not sure where you heard that; this is all about freeing up bandwidth and signal quality. Some of the freed-up bandwidth will be used to enhance emergency communication (natural disasters, etc.) Much of it will be sold to licensees and the government will get $$$.

We have cable (dh makes his living in local TV news) so our reception won’t be affected. However, I know that the local stations are very concerned about the ratings being thrown out of whack, as a recent survey here showed that HUGE segments of the population don’t understand that their TV just won’t work unless they either have cable, get a converter, etc. As local TV is already hurting because of the downturn and accompanying drop in advertising, this will certainly impact us in some way.

Too bad this changeover didn’t happen a month or two before the election.:wink:

I just realized that TV repairmen will be getting a lot of calls on the 18th. I hope they don’t take advantage of people. Better yet, I hope all the affected people throw their sets away… (continued below)

…except for those in your broadcast area, Dixie. Hope you folks come through it okay.

I’m doing the same thing. Feb 18 will be TV freedom day for me.

Daddums :slight_smile:

Hey, I’d miss sports and EWTN. And the morning news…
We were without TV for a while and when we got a dish, the kids never really figured out that they could go channel surfing looking for Disney etc…:wink:

I’ll be so glad not to have to see those “conversion in x days” ads that take up half the screen. They’re too annoying.

Other than that, we have satellite, so nothing’s changing for us.

:smiley: Yes, that will be nice!

I have a new little TV that will work. what I want to know (if anyone is in the area) is how am I going to be able to watch the CBC station channel 9 from Windsor? I imagine that Canada will go digital at some time

I suppose my Hutterite friends get a certian thrill from trying to read in the light of a kerosene lantern, but the appeal is lost on me.

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