Pollak: Question on Biden Is if He Is ‘Mentally Fit’ to Serve as POTUS

Pollak: Question on Biden Is if He Is ‘Mentally Fit’ to Serve as POTUS

DALLAS, TX - MARCH 02: Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden watches from the stage as Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) speaks during a campaign event on March 2, 2020 in Dallas, Texas. Klobuchar has suspended her campaign and endorsed Biden before the upcoming Super Tuesday Democratic presidential primaries. …

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6 Mar 2020

Democrat voters must determine if Joe Biden is “mentally fit” to serve as President of the United States given the former vice president’s frequently slurred speech and regular misstatements, assessed Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak in a Wednesday interview on 55KRC with host Brian Thomas.

Biden’s Super Tuesday performance — winning 566 delegates relative to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) 501 delegates — is not the result of a strengthening campaign but of a division among Democrat primary voter support . . .

Pollak then highlighted questions of Biden’s cognition given the former vice president’s behavior:

Biden doesn’t look to be any stronger a candidate than he was throughout this campaign. On the stage last night — I was at his victory party in Los Angeles — he, at one moment, appeared to confuse his wife and his sister. He slurred his speech. He didn’t seem sharper or any better than he has been the entire campaign. . . .

. . . Pollak added, “Biden is simply not seeming to be up to the job. When you put [Trump and Biden] side-by-side on stage, Biden comes out very poorly, and I don’t think there’s very much Democrats can do to change that.”

Thomas highlighted Biden’s “cognitive function” and ability “to be sharp and quick on his feet” as noticeably lacking.

Thomas asked if Sanders’ supporters would go with a possible Democrat nomination of Biden as the party’s presidential nominee.

. . . They did not like Biden. They really didn’t like Pete Buttigieg. They don’t like Elizabeth Warren. Early surveys suggested that the Sanders voters were the least likely to stick with the party nominee. “

What we do know is that right now the Bernie Sanders camp feels that they’re the victims of a coup,” Pollak added, noting Marianne Williamson use of the term. “They feel the Democratic establishment has maneuvered once again to try to steal the election from them, and they’re fighting that.”

Pollak stated, “It’s very clear — if it wasn’t before — the Democratic establishment is pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes and really, they’re barely even trying to hide it anymore. You’re going to see a lot more shouting before all this is done.” . . .

Isn’t this the same question ignored by voters in 2016 in the case of both presidential candidates? Why start now?


Once upon a time, a few decades ago, onlookers would have said that Biden is “tetched,” or “touched” in the head, not mentally understanding all that’s going on around him correctly.

Feeling sorry for him, and wanting to save face for him and the party, the honchos would have guided him out of the limelight.

The fact that they happily promote him means that they either intend to jettison all the so-called primaries (just as they’ve jettisoned rules to the detriment of Tulsie and Bernie) and declare someone nominated from the convention floor as their official 2020 candidate, or they intend to name a “winning” VP candidate, then see that VP become prez after they somehow do away with Biden; even 24-hr body guards won’t be able to save him from whatever they plan. If poor Biden wins, he may be wondering what has happened when the cell door clinks behind him, or, worse: “Hello, Vince.”

Clearly not. Hillary won a decent amount of the popular vote, and Trump won the election. Clearly, they were judged to be mentally fit enough by the people voting for them; the fact that you might now have doesn’t really mean much.

It remains to be seen whether this impacts Biden. Since there is no other barometer for “is this person mentally fit enough?” in an election than whether the voters decide to support them, the whole question comes down to that.

The whole question ends up being a bit silly for that reason. A more nuanced question would likely be “will Biden’s mental slipups impact his support?”

Yes. But the point of such opinion pieces is not to be silly, but to make a candidate’s mental condition, discussed by people untrained in the matters and unable to make clinical observation, a meme in the campaign. So the question is not “will Biden’s mental slipups impact his support?”, but will articles of this kind "impact his support?

Perhaps, but since the topic has come up about other candidates in recent elections from my anecdotal recall, that was just as true then. It shouldn’t bother you if articles like this affect his support any more than the hundreds of articles written in 2016 or 2012 or 2008 or whenever that affected support for a candidate.

It doesn’t. It is a shame that electioneering can’t stay on the track of policies and character, or even honest issues of health. But we get that electioneering that works.

Yeah, I’d be fine if we simply provided transcripts and recording of what the candidates aid, and left all opinion writing or editorials out of politics, but that is a pipe dream. I think most Americans can form opinions of President Trump, President Obama, for former Vice-President Biden without being “led” to a conclusion.

It is a good pipe dream though.
Or maybe we could re-invigorate the electoral college, so that it acted in the manner envisioned by the framers.

SNL had Trump on TV fondling an American flag and kissing it. YESTERDAY. Biden can never win a contest on eratic with Trump.

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