Polls finds stark Catholic racial divide on Trump v. Clinton


A new poll by the Pew Research Center finds that American Catholics currently back Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a margin of 56 percent to 39, but that result reflects a sharp racial divide: White Catholics are narrowly backing Trump, while Hispanic Catholics break dramatically for Clinton.

I don’t know if anyone has broken down the Catholic vote like this before. Anyone know? It is not surprising.



This report on a Zogby poll, released in June I presume, found Trump winning Catholics 49% to 37%. I don’t know if they did any racial distinctions in their polling between Catholics, but here you have different polling agencies doing polling on Catholics and there is one poll where Hillary Clinton is winning the support of a majority of Catholics overall, and another where Trump is winning the majority of support from Catholics overall.


I am a Hispanic Catholic and I back Trump. He is the best candidate to represent the faith.




There is an enormous cleavage between Catholics who attend church, and non-practicing Catholics. The former vote prolife, and latter tend to vote secularist/socialist.


Considering that Trump has divided and fractured the GOP, there’s no surprise he’s going to divide the religious right as well.


I saw one back in 2008, and another in 2012. In 2008, Obama had nearly 50% of white Catholics and most Hispanics by a long way. In 2012, Obama had a bare majority of the Catholic vote, but it was only because of Hispanics. The white Catholic vote was something like 40% for Obama.

No telling what it will be like this time.

I’m not sure there’s any difference between how Catholics vote and anybody else. That’s a shame, but I think it’s true.


What faith would that be, the faith that he talked about when he said he takes his cracker when referring to the Eucharust, or the faith he has when he claims he has never asked God to forgive him?


the GOP was divided and fractured long before Trump entered the picture.In fact he is a reaction to that fracture.He is the non politician and actually someone with executive experience.Imagine that,an actual executive occupying the Executive Office,what a concept!:thumbsup:


Perhaps that explains their being non-practicing.


Possibly the faith he displayed when he was pandering by waving a copy of the Bible in front of an Evangelical audience, telling them his mother had given it to him, and quoting a verse from Two Corinthians.



I support Trump because I agree with him politically, not religiously.


His religious views hardly matter to me either, but his political views, well…


Yes an executive who bankrupted his companies 4 different times. Some executive. :rolleyes:


Don’t forget the faith where he met with Evangelical leaders in a pandering effort with pictures of Playboy playmates on the wall behind him. The picture from Jerry Falwell Jr. is worth a thousand words…


Lots of protestant churches have “communion”, and some of the bread in some of them is a cracker-like thing shaped kind of like a chicklet. I have been to protestant services where they do that now and then. They serve little paper cups like medication cups with a little bit of grape juice in them as well. Not wine. Welch’s grape juice or something.

And, of course, if one believes in “once saved, always saved” (and I don’t know if Trump does) then there’s nothing new to ever forgive. Some mainline protestants hold that in a way, believing that faith alone is sufficient for salvation. Some believe Jesus’ sacrifice is like a robe that “covers all our sins” from the sight of God.

I don’t believe any of that, but a lot of people in this country do.

So basically, the above complaint is that Trump is a protestant.


Per this Obama got 2 more points overall from Catholics in 2012. The majority of Catholic weekly Church attendees voted for Romney, and the majority of Catholics that didn’t attend Church weekly, the majority voted for Obama: edition.cnn.com/election/2012/results/race/president/#exit-polls


I think you need to look at the forest instead of the trees. Trump is someone who sees the Truth and speaks it and doesn’t back down. Who does what’s right for the country and not what’s politically correct.

He’s the little boy from the fable who said the emperor has no clothes, when no one else dared. And we’re all relieved to finally have a leader who can see. That shows that there’s divine intervention going on. Not whether he passes a theology test. God often picks the unlikely, what the wise see as foolish. I truly believe Trump is what God has sent us as an answer to our prayers.

I’ve noticed that the holy women in my Church, support him too. And the evangelicals.


The trees where he shows utter disregard for social justice or the gospel message?


Perhaps one could be more specific about this allegation. Without specificity, it’s just a statement of one’s own conclusion.

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