Polls Show Voters Still Want ObamaCare Repealed, Scaled Back

Polls Show Voters Still Want ObamaCare Repealed, Scaled Back

Washington, DC – The day before the House of Representatives is slated to vote for legislation to repeal the Obamacare health care law, new polling data shows Americans continue to support repeal, or at least scaling back the measure.


Personally, I wish we had universal health care for the sake of my own family members and friends I know of who don’t have access to health care due to a lack of health insurance. However, I most certainly would never support any law that allows taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions or other such things.

only 13% of the American people like Obama care.

Of course, no one has actually read the law.

And most of the provisions haven’t taken effect yet.

But if you were able to buy competitively-offered medical insurance, on the interstate market, without mandates, it would be cheap enough for you to afford.

But the feds and the states often restrict those kinds of policies.

You can buy car insurance, house insurance, fire insurance, … all kinds of insurance … in the unrestricted unmandated interstate competitive market … but not health insurance.

Do a google search for “HSA catastrophic insurance”. All kinds of interesting stuff.

IF, big IF, your state allows it and you fall into the correct category of Fed regulation, which the late Senator Ted Kennedy, RIP, spent his whole long career devising fiendishly difficult and tricky restrictions.

Why, Ted, why!!!

A number of interesting points:


I like the idea of health care for everyone, but I don’t like the idea of the government regulating it. There is just too much corruption and too little voter control. The Senators buy their way into the seats and then decide how our lives should be run and where our money should go, even if it goes to unethical practices. They have too much power over our lives, and yet we’re supposed to be a free country. I like the idea of charitable organizations getting health care for everyone. Churches, charities, and individuals can give money to the organizations they like–the ones that share their values.

Not one big government-controlled health care system for everyone. That is a recipe for disaster. This happened before in other countries and it wasn’t a pretty picture. First, health care for everyone, things were good. Then corruption hits. There suddenly isn’t enough for everyone, taxes are already high, and the government has to pick and choose who gets the free health care and who has to pay for it, if they can. They cut out the elderly and the ill, and the disabled; anyone who doesn’t “contribute to society” in the way the government recognizes gets cut off. People die and it isn’t fair because everyone should be able to get the care they need.

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