Polygamous families protest bigamy law at Utah capitol


The family on the TV reality show “Sister Wives” and several hundred other protesters in polygamous relationships and their supporters said Friday they won’t stop fighting for the legal right to plural marriage.

Holding signs that read, “I love all my moms,” and “If we were gay, we’d be OK,” the group rallied in the rain on the steps of the Utah Capitol on Friday afternoon.

“I am not a criminal,” proclaimed Joe Darger, a Utah man who has three wives and helped organize the rally. “If you commit adultery, that’s not a felony. It’s only a crime when you have a family and you pretend to be married.”



Once you remove the complimentarity and procreative aspects from marriage, the rest is up for grabs. Not that this was predictable.


If gay marriage can be legal, why not polygamy?


To be fair; Mormons (mainstream Mormons, of course, no longer practice this), were doing this WELL before gay marriage was a thing in the United States. Not saying they are right (they are not).


I wondered why it took this long. Honestly I was expecting it after the court decision. After all, once the basics got thrown out…


I don’t understand why some folks would have multiple wives. To me, it seems hard enough to have one.


I think the aspect of polygamy protests that gets overlooked isn’t the case of multiple wives, but polyamory. Let’s say we have three men, or three women, who want to be married?


Or necrophilia, or marrying a robot?


The natural penalty for having three wives is to have three mothers-in-law. That should be enough of a deterrent.




I completely expected this after same sex marriage was declared a right. I am surprised we have not seen some movement to make incest laws uniform across the county yet. About half the states allow first cousin marriages and the other half either forbid them or limit them to aged cousins. While they are at it, why stop with first cousins, if consent is the only important requirement for marriage?


Pretty much. There’s no legal ground to refuse any combination now really.

Also, notice how the “two consenting adults” crowd is once again a no-show.


You’re argument is interesting, but operates on the premise this is all about principle and fairness.

It’s about neither in the end.

What it’s really about is selfishness. See, so-called gay “marriage” is a bandwagon that people jump on because it has been fun, cool and in to be a cultural martyr (and really easy too) for one’s family and friends. In such circles, it’s the most culturally virtuous thing to do.

The second so-called gay “marriage” becomes uncool and hard to defend, people will remove themselves from the issue.

Folks who practice incest just don’t have the political clout or have established themselves as a voting issue or a voting base. And it’s just not cool. Not yet anyways, but since everything is now compared to civil rights for Blacks in order to silence dissent, just give it time.


The dead and robots can’t consent?

The argument for gay marriage basically boils down to “consenting adults who love each other”.

Polygamy fits under that. Marrying the dead and robots doesn’t.

I don’t understand why gay marriage is seen as acceptable and polygamy not.

I am more comfortable with polygamy been legal than gay marriage. At least the children who come from polygamy are not denied their parent, generally speaking.


I was thinking that had already happened or attempted somewhere?


Polygamous Mormons are a tiny minority, and are microscopic compared to mainstream Islam which permits a man to have up to four wives, and punishes adultery with death. If that caught on, the majority of men would have no wives. As we have seen with radical Islam like ISIS and Boko Haram, consent, at least on the part of women, is not much of an issue either. They have used quickie non-consenting “marriage” and quickie divorce to give a legal basis for gang rape.

Be careful here. If you oppose polygamy, you must be Islamophobic.


The issue of allowing Muslims to enter the United States and take four wives [or bring their four wives with them … who then get four welfare checks] is one that needs to be addressed.


does that happen here yet or in Canada or other countries they go to?


The sustainability of benefits to extras people plus the legal nightmare of divorcing 1 person from a poly marriage is really my only problem.

As most would not pursue such an arrangement I’m not seeing a big deal in allowing them besides the issues above.


Why are they not right? If two men can be married why not three men?

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