I have a problem. There is this Fundamentalist Gentleman that says that the Catholic Church is Polytheist and there is a quote from “The dignity of the Priesthood” on Page 36 saying that Preists and popes are gods. Dispite my insitance that this is not true he won’t accept my word on it because I am part of the laity. Does anyone have anything “authoratavie” (i.e. Cannon law for this guy or something to that stance)? Thank you.



I would suggest that you read Karl Keating’s “Catholicism and Fundamentalism”. It will help you with all of these questions that you’re asking. Have you gone to catholic.com and looked at the articles on various apologetics topics? This would help too.


Montie, you are confusing Catholics with LDS!

Your profile says you are an aspiring Catholic. May I suggest you start by reading some of the tracts on Catholic Answers website to get you started. Then, you could try accessing the Catechism of the Catholic Church online. I started reading it about six or seven months ago and it is a beautiful read - a law student such as yourself will have no problem understanding it. You don’t need the know canon law to know that your friend is a little:whacky: .

Good luck, honey! I hope you continue searching for the truth.


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