Pondering Catholic universities


I’m planning to study Catholic/Christian theology next year. I’m a young university student, living in Canada…

I’ve been looking primarily into Dominican College in Ottawa, ON. Any people who’ve been there or know anything of it? I want a VERY Catholic, orthodox education. I’ve been studying in secular environments for a while, and I definitely want full Catholic immersion… or as much as I can get living in this world… :slight_smile:

Any other places of good reputation in Canada? I’d really appreciate any input…



Dominican sounds like an excellent choice, though I would recommend staying as close to your family as you possibly can.

Just kidding Mary, well, kind of, Dominican would be awesome for you. Just make sure that you’re allowed to use e-mail/telephones.

In His Holy Name,
Claire <><


The College Dominican in Ottawa is an excellent place to study and the professors are mostly orthodox/conservative. That said, it is not as conservative as Westminster Abbey in BC, run by the Benedictan monks. Though given your name I doubt you would be allowed in the abbey as a female. The Abbey doesn’t have the internet and only a communal phone line. Their library is half the size of my personal library. Personally, I am sceptical of any priests ordained there.

Furthermore, the Dominican College is bilingual so it is an excellent place to study in both languages; though the dominicans tend to be a prodominantly French-Canadian order.

Ottawa is a beautiful city to live in, other than all the politicians polluting the area. I hope you like winter though.


I don’t really have any advice; I just wanted to say good luck from a fellow student desiring to study theology. I hope that He will guide you exactly where He wants you to be.


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