Pontiff recalls World War I centenary: 'no more war!' [CWN]


At the conclusion of his Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis recalled that July 28 marks the centenary of the beginning of World War I. "As we remember this tragic event, I hope that …



Too many people worship Ares, and not Jesus, for us to ever be rid of war, but we can try.


War, unfortunately, is an effect of our fallen nature. This is true, of course, for all acts of violence. We must continue to pray for an end to all forms of violence, from playground fights to domestic abuse to war to genocide and abortion.


I agree. It can be very difficult to recognize when we engage in acts of violence in our day-to-day in terms of how we speak about one another and treat those around us.


As Mary warned us at Fatima, war is a punishment for sin.

There won’t be an end to war until people turn away from sin completely.


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