Pontiff's alledged miracles [investigative process]

I heard on the news many people are claiming they have been healed via the Pontiff’s intercession. Now how is this different from miracles claimed from saints (deceased)? I hear there’s a different investigative process. That is what am asking about. These “miraculous healings” are they looked at differently from one that is alive and one who isn’t? What about non-Catholics can God use them? These investigations are very tedious and I see their need.

“Pontiff’s intercession”.
That means his prayer to God were effective, and GOD healed them.

There is no point to investigating the healings. The only point in investigating those of Saints is to declare a person Blessed or for canonization. Any miracle worked by a Saint while alive is not investigated as that cannot be used in the canonization process.

There may be investigations if an apparition is being considered or for some other holy purpose, but the Church hasn’t the time to investigate every purported miracle.

Healing is one of the normal gifts of a priest or bishop, whether or not God chooses to have it operate. If it is happening with Pope Francis, that is normal. (And it is probably happening more because people are asking more, or because we are hearing more about it in the media.)

I see. No investigation necessary. I guess people with blood problems were coming up with complete turn aroundds after the Holy Father’s blessing.

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