Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei

Now that motu proprio Summorum Pontificum has been issued, have the past disturbing decisions made by the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei been abrograted? I’m talking about the permission for the priest to say the Mass of the Catechumens to be celebrated at the Sedilia, the permission for the priest to sing the Gloria, Credo, etc. along with the choir w/o having to say them by himself, the permission for the Pater Noster to be chanted by all the faithful, a sung secret aloud, a sung per ipsum aloud, and a sung final blessing. I find that these permissions are disturbing and am wondering if motu proprio Summorum Pontificum abrogated them.

We might have to find that out from Ecclesia Dei itself soon. I never knew they gave permission to do all of that. Could you post the links to that if possible?

Sure. Here is the link: saintbedestudio.blogspot.com/
Personally, I love the 1962 missal, and do not wish it to change. I don’t want any Ordinary Form influence on the Extraordinary Form’s rubrics or Ordo missae.

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