Pontifical High Mass in Canada


I’ve seen an increasing number of reports of US bishops across the country celebrating the occasional Pontifical High Mass according to the Extraordinary Form. Does anyone know of any Canadian bishops celebrating a Pontifical High Mass?


Possibly St. Catherine’s Ontario or Vancouver. There is an FSSP ordination in Quebec in June.


Cardinals Collins (Archbishop of Toronto) and Lacroix (Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada). Archbishops Roussin (Archbishop of Vancouver, Emeritus in 2009), Miller (Archbishop of Vancouver), Prendergast (Archbishop of Ottawa). Bishops Blais (Auxiliary Bishop of Quebec), Daniels (Bishop of Grand Falls), Fabbro (Bishop of London, Ontario), LaRocque (Bishop Emeritus of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario), Lemay (Auxiliary Bishop of Quebec [Now Bishop of Amos]).


Do you know when Archbishop Miller celebrated the EF?
As far as I know there has never been an EF at the Vancouver cathedral in recent memory…though the liturgy is always celebrated with great reverence (and the faithful even receive kneeling at the altar rail at OF masses).


Wasn’t there an FSSP priest recently ordained in Vancouver a few years ago, or was his ordination in Nebraska?


I imagine he was ordained in Nebraska. There certainly is an FSSP parish in Vancouver (Holy Family). But I have been in and out of Vancouver over the past few years and have missed things.

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