Pontifical High Mass on EWTN

Did anyone see this mass this past week on EWTN? What were your thoughts?? I loved it

Same here. I managed to tape that and the segment about St. John Cantius just before the encore presentation. I recognized a lot of the priests there, both on the altar and in the choir. Bishop Perry does great work, follows the rubrics with the highest precision.

By the way, did you catch the recessional hymn by any chance?


. . . breathtakingly reverent and beautiful . . . ***

+ To God Be The Glory +
[RIGHT]. . . all for Jesus+
. . . thank You Blessed Lord+
. . . thank you Blessed Holy Mother Church+[/RIGHT]

We had Bishop Boyea say the Pontifical High Mass several times while he was an auxillary bishop here in Detroit. :thumbsup: Pope Benedict has since made him Ordinary for Lansing, so hopefully he still has the time to say the EF.

I loved it myself. It was MOST interesting.

Yes, we were given the joy of three magnificant days from EWTN (although the Daily Mass celebrated on EWTN is always wonderful, this was a treat).

On the two days after the Pontifical High Mass at the Shrine celebrated by Bishop Perry and the Priests of the Order of Canons Regular from St. John Cantius, the Ordinary Form of the Mass was celebrated both in Latin and English by Bishop Perry and the St. John Cantius Priests at the Chapel in Irondale.

The choir and organist were from St. John Cantius parish.

On the program “EWTN Live” Bishop Perry and the founder of the Canons Regular, Rev. C. Frank Philips, C.R., were interviewed by Father Joseph Mary. Father Philips said that they hear between 400 to 500 confessions on every Saturday at St. John Cantius Parish.:gopray2:

During the interview they said that on any day a visitor to their church could hear Gregorian Chants and that the Divine Office is chanted daily in the church.:highprayer:

Their children’s choir has 100 members.

How blessed are their parishioners.:harp:


I am glad everyone enjoyed this mass. It was special mass in my opinion. Even though I have never been to a TLM I still feel that it beneficial that Catholics get the best of both worlds.

I caught some of it on my way out to work and some more that night. 7 a.m. is awful early for me. There was a good crowd for that early on a Wednesday. I was surprised because, if you’ve ever been there, you know that it’s a solid 45 minutes from anything except Baptists and cows.

From what I was able to see, it was beautiful. The crew from St. John Cantius are obviously experts. Two things about the Shrine aren’t done justice on T.V. One is the acoustics, and the other is how beautiful it really is inside (and outside too). To hear the Mass there sends chills up my spine. Thank God for Mother Angelica.

I fixed my clock for 4.45 am to watch it. I was just going to set the recorder, but ended up watching the whole thing live! It was so wonderful…

Since I missed this Mass, does anyone know if they will repeat or have it somewhere on their site to revisit? I can’t find it as of now. Born in 1964, I have never seen or been to a Latin Mass. Would love to though.


your best bet would to be to check EWTNs website. It would be in archives it is on the site. It will not be airing again. www.ewtn.com

DigiMon, they rebroadcast it on EWTN several times on the day it was originally celebrated; but, they may have it available for purchase on a DVD.

Try calling EWTN Viewer Services at (205) 271-2989 or the Religious Catalog at 1-800-854-6316.

If this particular Mass is not available on DVD I know that you will be able to purchase a DVD of another Solemn High Mass from EWTN.

I purchased a DVD of the Solemn High Mass on the Solemnity of the Precious Blood that was celebrated at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville on July 1, 2008. It was the traditional Latin Mass. I believe it was a First Mass for the young priest who was the Celebrant and it was a beautiful Mass. I remember he gave Holy Cards to the Nuns after Mass.

If you have never seen a traditional Latin Mass this DVD and/or the recent Mass celebrated by the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius would be something important for you to have.:highprayer:


The Cantius Canons also have this website about the Mass


Okay, I went to the above link. I’m listening to homily now, but the Spanish guy is too loud and it is hard to hear what the priest says. Also, if I were to go to a High Mass, would there be “subtitles” - meaning English interpretation of what is being said in Latin? Because EVERYTHING is in Latin. Also, I have heard of “low Mass”. How is this different than High Mass and our ordinary English Mass that we go to every weekend?


A High Mass (Latin:Missa solemnis) Is a Mass that requires both a Priest and a Deacon to celebrate. On the Mass Hirearchy it is by far the one with the most “Smells and Bells” with a large integration of Music and Responses from the Altar servers (Or if its a Dialogue Mass the Laity but thats the exception not the rule)

A Missa Cantata (Also called a Sung Low Mass) is a compromise between the High Mass and the Low Mass for parishes with out the benifit of having a Deacon but still wants to incorporate some Smells and Bells. Most Parishes which offer the Extrodinary form on Sunday will usually have some Version of a Missa Cantata. Excpect alot of Gregorian Chant, Incense etc. Also the rubrics for when to kneel and stand are a bit different in a Missa Cantata then a Missa Solemnis

A Low Mass is a Mass when no parts are sung and a great portion of the mass is said in “Silence” (During the Canon the priest speaks in a very hushed whisper.) If it is a Dialogue Mass sometimes the Laity will take part in the responses (Like the Pater Noster etc.) The Low Mass is commonly used for Weekdays and Sometimes Sundays for Parishes with out a Schola/Choir.

All of the above masses are entirely in Latin with the exception that some parishes say the readings of the day in Latin then say them again in English. I have yet to attend a Parish where there is not a missal with both the Latin and the English side by side. However the best way to gauge where the Priest is at in the Mass is by watching his movements. However in the EF Mass it is far more about praying the mass then it is in being lock step coordination with the Priest. The Key words to pick out and to tell you where you should be are the Orate Fratres,Dominus vobiscum and Oremus.

If you plan on attending an EF Mass it would be a great deal of help to read up/study it a bit. Sacred then Sacred Now the Return of the Old Latin Mass by Thomas Woods Jr is an excellent primer as are the Videos by Saint John Cantius which have a narrated tutorial about the actions that are taking place on the Altar sanctamissa.org/en/tutorial/

I hope this information is of some assistance

if ur in baltimore at the Basilica of the Assumption on sundays they have a latin mass on sundays at 7:30 am and 9:am the paper just says latin so you would probably have to call the church to find out if it was a high or low mass pm me if u want the number i have the brochure, and the Basilica is magnificent sadly i missed the entire program having fallen asleep as about an hour before it started. i was going to watch it again but i was out at 7 pm

I would like to point out that the Latin Mass offered at The Basilica of the Assumption is the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite in Latin. it is not the Extraordinary Form which was the Pontifical High Mass you saw on EWTN.

yes thats why i said you would have to call the church because i didn’t know


Solemn High Mass - You forgot the Subdeacon (Photo) He’s the guy on the LEFT in the Photo & ends up LAST in line during the Orate Fratres or Lord’s Prayer. (See Sancta Missa Handbook for Altar Servers & Sancta Missa Video of Missa Solemnis)…


…The Missa Cantata doesn’t require a Deacon &/or Subdeacon, but usually has a Deacon, and sometimes even a Subdeacon (See Sancta Miss Video of Missa Cantata & Santa Missa Handbook for Altar Servers). Remember, most parishes still aren’t doing the EF, esp. in the L.A. Archdiocese…

…One thing in the EF, the Movements are pretty strictly prescribed. There’s not much room for “experimentation” or “innovation” - The Sacred Ministers pretty much do what the Rubrics tell them to, or they will “fall off the rails” and “get called on it”…

In an era where everyone from priests to liturgical committees to choir directors to lay readers to Altar Servers has felt the need to put his or her stamp on the “Communion Service” and to take the spotlight away from God, That may be the biggest benefit of the EF.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

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