Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. Peter's Basilica, Nov. 3, 2012

An EF Pontifical Mass will be celebrated at St. Peter’s Basilica on Nov. 3. Here’s a short video clip (apologies - I don’t know how to embed videos):


Awesome! I wonder if EWTN will televise this?

I don’t know if EWTN will televise the Pontifical Mass. Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register has reported that the German website Kreuz.net has claimed that CNN, Fox News, and the BBC are preparing to cover the Mass. If this is true (it would need verifying, I would think) then EWTN might get on board as well. I hope So!

Article in the National Catholic Register on the matter—


Note that the NC Register reports this as totally unconfirmed.

(Emphasis mine)


It’s important to look to reliable and credible sources.

What is it, specifically, that you are referring to as being unconfirmed?

Reliable and credible sources relating to what? You don’t believe that there will be a Pontifical Mass at St. Peter’s in Rome?

The article addresses a rumor that the Pope would be the celebrant and makes mention of the rumor of it being covered by the media

I doubt that CNN or Fox or whomever would cover a Mass w/o the Pope, and even then it’s not likely they would. They dont for either the Christmas season or Easter. It’s always only hightlights.

Never mind it’s just days before the presidential election. They arent going to pre-empt that last weekend’s political coverage for a Mass at St Peter’s

No, not denying that. Just the rumor about the Pope and it being covered by major media outlets…

You’re the one who posted a link to that article. I never linked to, or said anything about the Pope being the celebrant. It’s highly unlikely that he will be the celebrant; it’s a non-issue for me. I mentioned that those news groups would be covering the Mass, but that it needed to be verified. Meaning, verified from a source other than Kruez.net, which I already stated. Sheesh.

I linked the article because it is a reliable news organization and it gave a fuller context of the EF event, including the rumor that it put up by the German site about it being covered by major news outlets. :slight_smile:

IMO, the fuller context gives a better picture. :slight_smile:

I hope this is true!

When I read the headline, I had hope; when I read the article, that hope kind of diminished. Father Lombardi has strongly denied the rumors. Now, unless he’s keeping it secret to be a big surprise, there’s no reason for him to say this.

:shrug: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I doubt that the Holy Father will say this Mass. I also doubt that CNN, Foxnews, et al. will air it. I think/hope EWTN will. Nonetheless, when it is aired, I am going to DVR it and watch it. (It will probably be aired at a time that I am not able to watch live). Anxiously awaiting…

How far out does EWTN plan their programming schedule?

There is no reason why the Holy Father cannot preside at this mass. After all, he makes the rules. There are several points to be considered before anyone gets too excited about it or disappointed ahead of time.

First, the Holy See does not make it a habit of popping last minute surprises on the Universal Church. The idea that Fr. Lombardi is hiding something in order to surprise the world on Nov 3rd is out of the norm.

Second, these things are usually planned well in advance. The likelihood of Cardinal Burke and Fr. Lombardi not knowing about it while the German media knows something is also irregular.

Third, there are diplomatic reasons for the Holy Father to preside and reasons not to do so.

In favor of doing so is to send a message to the Traditionalist Movement around the world that Tradition is not the exclusive property of the Ecclesia Dei communities and institutes. Tradition belongs to the Universal Church. This would certainly help those dioceses and religious that celebrate the EF without being identified as “Traditionalist”. One of the problems that some non-Trad priests face is the constant comparison that people make between their celebration of the EF and the celebration by a priest from a Trad institute, which is an unfair comparison because the EF is the same, regardless of who celebrates it.

On the flip side, it could be a poor diplomatic move in that it may look as if he’s trying to appease the SSPX and lure them in. This certainly is a noble and worthwhile gesture; don’t get me wrong. However, there are bishops and religious superiors who have legitimate concerns about the amount of time and money that has gone into bringing in the SSPX and that society’s resistance, while other communities have been more humble and less negative in their relations with the Holy See in negotiating a reconciliation. If it were to be interpreted as another attempt by the Holy See to seduce the SSPX, it would beg the question, “Who is trying to convert whom?”

Given these realities, we will just have to wait and see how all of this develops. Don’t get too excited, but don’t lose hope either. Anything is possible between now and November 3rd. Obviously, there is some lack of communication somewhere.


Br. JR, FFV :slight_smile:

And there are good and bad diplomatic reasons for the Holy Father to preside an OF mass at St. Peter’s. What’s your point?

(btw, I agree with your first 2 points)

Interesting insight, Br. JR.


Our Cathedral parish has started to offer the EF mass for special occasions. My guess is that it’s to see how well it’s received. The positive is that it has been well received. The negative is that some traditionalists have made a issue over trivia. Look at this pictures and then I’ll explain.


Complaint: “Father is not wearing a maniple.”

My answer: Big deal


Complaint: “The deacon is a married deacon.”

My answer: Is he a validly ordained deacon?


Complaint: “The vestments are wrong.”

My answer: Who said so? Vestments have evolved over the centuries.

For this reason, I feel that it would be good to have a non traditionalist pope preside over the EF to break the association that people make between the EF and the Ecclesia Dei institutes and exclusive to each other.

I happen to know this priest personally and his family. I can’t imagine a holier man and a better man to celebrate the EF. He is living proof that there is a continuity between the Church before Vatican II and after Vatican II. He’s one of my favorite priests in the diocese. He has save parishes from extinction through a blend of the old and the new. The only problem here is that a priest witch a physical disability cannot celebrate the EF in this church, because there are too many steps from the entrance to the sanctuary and the altar. That is not a big deal. You can always place an altar on the main floor, so that an older priest or one with a physical disability does not have to do the steps and won’t kill himself.

For this reason, I feel that it would be good to have a non traditionalist pope preside over the EF to break the association that people make between the EF and the Ecclesia Dei institutes and exclusive to each other.


Br. JR, FFV :slight_smile:

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