Pontius Pilate's Wife


I was reading St. Matthew’s Gospel when I came across this verse:

Matthew 27:19 Now as he was seated in the chair of judgement, his wife sent him a message, ‘Have nothing to do with that upright man; I have been extremely upset today by a dream that I had about him.’

Do you think her dream had come from God or do you think she knew a little bit about Jesus and had a nightmare?



I think more likely the latter. There would have been no reason for God to send her a dream, so that she would try to change her husband’s mind. The course was already set.


Who knows? I could certainly see either way.


I agree it’s hard to tell. Because while the course may have already been set, God had still sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go, over and over again, even though He knew Pharaoh wouldn’t. So perhaps it’s a similar situation. I rather like to think there’s some significance to it, because it’s just the one line that’s mentioned about her, it almost seems random, yet it’s at an important moment.


Good point. God knows what we’re going to choose before we choose it, but he’s still going to give us the opportunity to do good even if He knows we’ll choose evil.



Has anyone written a (fiction, of course ) novel about her, like The Silver Chalice, or The Robe? That would be an awesomely fun read.


Kind of makes me wonder how things would have been different had Pilate absolutely refused to condemn Jesus to die, maybe if he just imprisoned him for life?

I know its pointless to speculate about such things, but still makes one wonder about things like this…Im assuming our world would be A WHOLE LOT different than it is!


When Pilate washed his hands of it did he still have all the blood on his hands in God’s eyes?


There seems to be some tradition that she was familiar with Jesus and Jewish teaching/customs. Note that in the movie The Passion she brings clean cloths to the women to clean up the blood from His scourging. I think it is Jewish practice today that spilt blood must be cleaned up and properly disposed of. There are groups dedicated to this as a ministry at accident scenes in Israel.


Thats a good question, also having to take into account his being crucified was Gods will, so I tend to think if Pilate had somehow tried to stop it, he would be more guilty in Gods eyes than by simply letting it happen…seems strange to say this, but in this case, (and only this case) would sending someone to their death in such a horrible manner would be OK with God.


Pilate was Roman. If at any point (before or after Jesus’ death) he accepted Christ as the Messiah of all peoples and attempted to make amends, then he could have been forgiven. This isn’t for us to truly know.

There are apocryphal writings such as the Gospel of Peter wherein Pilate claims that his “hands were clean” of Christ’s blood. There are also varying anecdotes about his untimely end.

We can speculate all day as to the fate of ancient persons regarding what is “in God’s eyes,” but we are not truly privy to His thoughts, unless revealed to us in the Canon of Scripture. Similarly, we simply have no confirmation of any conversion of heart or lifestyle for Pilate.

I know this isn’t much of an answer, and inasmuch as I hate to recommend Wikipedia, you can look there and use it as a springboard for further research on the life of Pilate.


It’s just like how a lot of today’s politicians and judges give in to abortion and so-called same-sex “marriage” just to stop the crowd from screaming and making a lot of noise.


I disagree. I don’t think it would have made Pilate more guilty if he decided to not condemn Jesus.

But because God can always make His plans work, He would have just done things differently. I also think He wasn’t necessarily okay with Jesus’ death being so horrible (how could any Father be okay with it?), but more of He knew that’s how it would be.


I think God was giving Pilate a chance to do the right thing.

I disagree. Had Pilate refused to condemn an innocent man, God would have rewarded him for doing justice.
Christ would still have died, but some other man or men would have been the one(s) to condemn Him.


Have to say I find it hard to believe Pilate would have felt even a nanosecond of remorse for sending a Jew to death; he loathed Jews and his soldiers spilled much of their blood under his orders.

His tenure as governor of was a particularly brutal (albeit effective) one.


There have been some poems I know about-

One by me on my blog
A slightly more famous one by Charlotte Bronte

And one by Carol Ann Duffy

Some novels listed in Wikipedia but I haven’t read them so I don’t know if they are any good en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontius_Pilate’s_wife#Modern_literature


The revelations of the Blessed Mother to St. Mary of Agreda to the best of my memory state that Satan caused the dream that the wife of Pontius Pilate had in order to prevent the death of Jesus. Jesus’ death would bring Satans rule over men who turned to Jesus to an end. Satan also influenced Judas to stop the death of Jesus by giving back the 30 pieces of silver to the Pharasees. It wasn’t until the nearnest of Jesus crucifixion that Satan realized He was truly God, up to that time he though Jesus was just a holy man. Satan could influence men to evil and sin, but he can’t influence men to do good


Wow neat stuff! I hadn’t realized there was so much Catholic based fiction literature. :slight_smile:



I looked her up, and Mary of Agreda is not yet a saint. Venerated yes, but not a saint. Also, when I looked her up, there was no mention of Pilate or Judas in any of the sources in regards to her revelations.


Thank you for starting this highly controversial thread and your timing is a good one. Even her name is controversial was it Claudia or Procula?

The dream she had was in my opinion from satan as he made a last ditch attempt to have the will of God overturned. The crucifixion of our Lord was imminent and not even satan could alter the purpose of the God-Man.

In scripture Claudia/Procula speaks of her dream saying that she had suffered greatly because of the dream and I have read that she handed Mary Our Mother and Mary Magdalene her personal bath towels to wipe up the blood of Jesus when He was removed from the scourging pillar.

I don’t know if Pilate had the power to stop the crucifixion but he found no fault with the Lord and let the jewish throng call the execution.

I hope you receive more posts as it comes when our minds and souls are open to the finest details of the crucifixion. May God bless you for starting a meaningful thread and I look forward to seeing more posts on this subject

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