Pool shows Catholics favor Clinton

This is so disturbing. I can’t believe our Church can’t show some courage and in some way let the people know what a disaster this would be if this lady is elected. 3 Supreme Court Judges will be appointed in the next president’s term and we will never rid ourselves of the evil of abortion and gay marriage, etc.

Especially disturbing is the that the poll shows 82% of Hispanic Catholics back this woman. Seems like all they care about is the immigration issue and not the teachings of their faith.

I am certainly not a Trump fan but putting this woman in office would be a disaster of major proportion. I believe voting for people who go against the teachings of our faith put those people’s souls in grave danger. God help us if this woman is elected

That’s the Pew poll, that shows a majority of Catholics being in support of Clinton. A Zogby poll found a majority of Catholics support Trump. So two different polls, two different results.

I guess they don’t realize - or don’t care - that voting for her is paramount to committing a mortal sin. :shrug:

The Vatican is effectively giving them permission to support Democrat presidential candidates.

During this election season, both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were given the opportunity to make major speeches at Vatican conferences. No Republican Catholic was given that honor. Not Boehner, not Ryan, no one.

Pope Francis has also given a very strong message that he thinks poverty, unemployment, "immigration and “exclusion” are the paramount issues and that Catholics need to quit “obsessing” over abortion and homosexuality. I don’t know Pope Francis, but from what I do know of his politics he seems to be someone who would be an enthusiastic Obama / Sanders voter if he were an American citizen.

These gestures are effective “cues” to the voting public. I happen to completely disagree, but this is where we are in 2016. You will see more and more Catholics supporting Democrats now that they have been given “permission” to look the other way at their positions on abortion and the homosexual agenda.

Pls keep the US election to the World News forum. There are a couple of threads going there.

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