Poor catechization?

Many of my Catholic friends, many of which are more devout than others, do not know artificial contraceptives are against God. This is a trend I’ve observed recently, almost an exclusive ignorance about this moral matter, mostly among young people. How do we fix this? Does it seem that the Church and Sunday school teacers are too afraid to speak to their pupils about this truth?

I think it’s more that many young do not receive catechesis beyond what is required for their sacramental formation.


It’s more likely that these people quit Religion classes and Youth Group before they reach the age when such discussions would be at all appropriate - keep in mind that in many places it is illegal to discuss sex with anyone’s child other than your own, except in a mandated sex education program (ie: a Planned Parenthood event).

If they are not yet married, they wouldn’t have covered this in their marriage classes yet, either.

Church teaching on this subject is fundamentally tied to the commandment, “thou shall not kill”.

When God created mortal man, he also endowed us with the ability to procreate - a miraculous gift. Without this ability, Mankind, the pinnacle of God’s creation, would cease to exist without God’s continuing intervention, which would diminish the other great God-given gift of free will. When we interfere with God’s plan which ensures the very existence of His greatest creation, taken to the extreme, we subject Mankind to extinction - death of the species.

There are many who might rebuff this argument, using our own Church’s teaching (namely, that life begins at conception) to refute this argument. However, if one honestly looks to the consequencies, it is easier to see how this is a form of murder against Mankind.

Even if that is too much of a stretch for some philosophically, we can stop when we realize that we are interfering with God’s plan to ensure the survival of His greatest creation. It is this disobedience to God, also an offense against ourselves, that is essential to understanding the sinful nature of the use of contraception.

From popular culture, one of the most famous quotes from one of the last of the Jurassic Park movies alludes to the power of God’s will in propogating his Creation - life. The scientists made all of the dinosaurs genetically female, in an attempt to control the population of the restored species. They played God twice: (i) by restoring an extinct species and (ii) by genetically manipulating the result in an unnatural way. The result: the dinosaurs mutated and found a way to reproduce anyway. “Life finds a way!” Who are we to interfere with God’s plan?

BTW - while I believe the teachings of the Church, I am not an active pro-lifer, as it were, or anything like that. I have shared my understanding of the Church’s teachings that have come from my own study and my own life experience. I had once considered asking my wife to terminate a pregnancy. I was at a very vulnerable point in my life - jobless, and feeling very dejected and in utter despair. I did not feel I could take care of another child (we had two already). Something came over me after a few weeks of prayer and contemplation, and I soon saw very clearly the error of my thinking. The result of faith - my second son is sitting before me as I write. I realize my life would not be complete without him. Every day and every time I see him, I think of this experience and pray for those who may find themselves thinking similar thoughts in similar circumstances.

Not only does life find a way, but God does truly provide to those who have the faith to believe that he does and will. He did for me and my family - he will for you as well!

I have noticed this also. I teach RCIA, pre-baptism classes for parents, and general adult education classes and find this all the time. Our own Catholics are shocked to hear that a married couple is not to use artificial contraception. Some know the Church teaches this, but choose to believe that “everyone does this anyway, so it is not a mortal sin”. I have had classes where people have walked out in anger over this issue, because “God is only about love now”, at least that is what the last one said.

We need Catholics to be willing to learn their faith and pass it on to others. Every Catholic should have a bible and a Catechism of the Catholic Church. Take classes. Get certified to teach CCD and RCIA. We are all called to evangelize our fellow Catholics, it’s call the New Evangelization. The Church is trying. We need to listen to what the Church is teaching and live it in our lives and discuss it with others, we can start with our own spouses and family members, and friends.

Or like me, even when they were married in the Church, they were never told/taught about it.:shrug:

When my husband was in RCIA the teaching team eliminated the teaching on contraception, from subject of the Sacrament of Matrimony. When I complained to the Pastor that certain things like this was not being taught, he asked me to take over RCIA. Pastors need help. It isn’t always the priest’s fault. They need people who are willing to learn their faith and instruct others. Sometimes it is the lay people who are not teaching what the Church is teaching.

My cousin is a new Catholic (just confirmed Easter of 2011) and she is getting married in June. She is just finishing pre-Cana and they have not discussed birth control or sex at all. From what I understand it won’t be discussed in her last class either (which is happening next week)…

Our RCIA class did not discuss artificial birth control either.

If my cousin did not have people in her life who were telling her these things are wrong she simply wouldn’t know. :shrug:

The priest may not be aware that it is not being taught. I would bring this to the attention of the pastor. In many cases the priest assumes that what is in books he has approved is actually being taught. Sometimes whole chapters are skipped. I would give the pastor the benefit of the doubt and call it to his attention.

I should think it would be taught before people start the dating age. Of course being from the 50’s it was’t taught, but now days it sure is different.

As far as women who have abortions, I feel terribly bad for most of them. Many are in a terrible situation and well they go to planned parenthood and told how quick and easy it is. Many don’t have family or any support. And many so regret it later. We all know its wrong. We just can’t judge anyone at all.

You’re right it is a problem. I think the answer is we simply we need to discuss it more openly with the understanding of why it’s wrong according to Church teaching. Touch issues can’t be omitted. But I have something to show all who are interested, please take a look.

The following are a list of links to sites regarding important private revelations, Marian apparitions, etc. The holy love.org is especially relevant considering what’s occurring with the healthcare… Please view these, pray about them, and if you believe as I do help propagate them in your families and parishes.

take a look:







may God bless

When I got married in the Church, I had been civilly married for 11 years. The priest that married us told us that the PreCana couple had been married for 5 years. And that he didn’t think they could teach us anything. :shrug:

So we got married without any instruction. Nothing. :shrug:

By that logic, he could not teach you anything either, since he has never been married.

The idea is to teach what the Church teaches, this isn’t about experience in the “real world”. If people were taught the what the Catholic Church actually teaches the divorce rate of Catholics would drop dramatically.

So what exactly is the CC teaching about marriage? what do they teach that would decrease the divorce rate, since many Catholics get divorced. Never being to a class I have no idea. What do they cover? thank you.

That was our thought. In his defense, the previous couple had gotten divorced and this second couple had just started teaching.

Maybe he wasn’t sure they were teaching what they were supposed to be teaching. :shrug: This wasn’t the pastor, but an associate.

So we got married and never attended a class. We learned about Catholic teaching along the way.

I don’t teach the marriage classes, my pastor does, but I do teach RCIA and I teach the sacrament of Matrimony there.

Marriage is a covenant. It is a vocation, a calling by God to a state of life whereby a man and a woman make a covenant promise, a commitment until death.
God himself instituted marriage in the Garden of Eden, and Jesus Christ made it a Sacrament of His Church. The purpose of marriage is a state of life whereby a man and woman share in the creative power of God to produce new life and bring themselves and their offspring to God in eternal life. The state of marriage represents the relationship of Jesus Christ to His Church. The husband represents Jesus Christ, the head of the family and the wife, represents the Church. The family is called a domestic church for this reason. The children are raised to know, love, and serve God, as they see their parents do. The husband is to love his wife as Christ loves His Church. The husband and the wife are equal in dignity, yet have different roles. They are subject to each other. The two become one in the conjugal act which is sacred and reserved for the Sacrament of Matrimony. The conjugal act is where the husband and wife love one another to the end which must be open to the creative power of God to produce life. The husband and wife give to each other everything they have. They hold back nothing. (artificial contraception is a way of the husband and wife holding back from each other, and circumventing the purpose of the marital act.) Their marriage is how they live out their vocation from God. Husband and wife lead each other to God and eternal life through their vocation. God is the third party in this marital covenant.

As you can see marriage preparation is more about teaching what God’s plan for marriage is and what marriage is really about, than about how much experience one has in being married. This is why a priest is perfectly capable of teaching marriage preparation. He knows what God’s plan is. If a man and a woman understand God’s plan before getting married, they would most likely have a good stable marriage, and each helps the other and their children spend eternity with God.

Whoa!!:eek: I sponsored a young lady last spring. I started attending RCIA classes, and Mass with her in January. Birth control, pre-marital sex, abortions, porn, etc were all covered in class. It was done delicately, and geared toward not offending anyone. However, still covered in class, and why it’s against church teaching.

In addition to what Cathryn has so eloquently explained, it’s important to realize that the core of everything we do and are as Catholics is that to love is to do something - not (so much) to feel something.

We love one another by making sacrifices for them that benefit them in tangible ways. Feelings may or may not accompany these sacrifices that we make - small sacrifices, of watching what the other person wants to watch on TV - bigger sacrifices like working hard to make a home, and to bring home the money that is needed to raise the family.

=UnityofTrinity;8925027]Many of my Catholic friends, many of which are more devout than others, do not know artificial contraceptives are against God. This is a trend I’ve observed recently, almost an exclusive ignorance about this moral matter, mostly among young people. How do we fix this? Does it seem that the Church and Sunday school teacers are too afraid to speak to their pupils about this truth?

Ya gotta PREACH to TEACH:thumbsup:

Whens the last time you heard this discussion from the Pulpit?

God help us!

Is the pulpit the proper venue for such a frank discussion? We shield our children from these things in the world; what is the point, if we are just going to figuratively take all of our clothes off in Church?

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