Poor Clare Colettines, Ellesmere, UK

New website: cloisters.tripod.com/uk_pcc_ellesmere/

Site built with the blessing–and pix–of the nuns.

Two vocations: cloistered and extern

No age limit

Blessings, Cloisters

Thank you for posting this.

God bless,

Most welcome!

They have a postulant entering this Thursday.


Thank you for providing this, Cloisters! Very nice!

When I saw the photo of the three extern Sisters during the Papal visit to the UK, I immediately recognized them! A closer picture of them was in a English Catholic magazine, ‘Faith Today’, which my priest-friend from northern England sent me in September-October 2010.

I knew who they were by the cool little umbrellas which they put atop their heads! :smiley: :cool:

I just found out that the postulant habit is a sleeveless regular habit. When she becomes novice, she receives her “Sunday” habit, and the sleeves are added to the other for it to become the work habit.


That sounds so cool! :smiley:

Very practical these Sisters are! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank You for posting Cloisters

Here is another website that gives listings of many Poor Clare Communities of different observances. Each community may be linked from that website.

blessings all!!!


Sr Debbie. O.S.C.

(P.S. ages of applicants will vary)…many communities are flexible depending on the applicant.

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