Poor Friars and Nuns present Fatima in High schools

Recently we were shocked to discover that many high school students don’t know what happened at Fatima 100 years ago, so in occasion of the centenary of the apparitions (and in conjunction with a good Catholic High school that promotes Catholic teaching faithfully), we prepared this short 30 minute presentation aimed at teenagers, regarding some of the remarkable prophetical signs that occurred there in Portugal.

We are available to give a similar presentation in your school by contacting: poorfriarsvocations@gmail.com

Click here to view the 30 minute video


I volunteered as a Catechist for two years, and I was surprised how many kids never even heard of the Lord’s prayer.

I haven’t been able to watch this yet… but I sincerely hope that the video makes it clear that the Church considers the Fatima phenomena to be a private revelation…and the remarkable prophetical signs that allegedly occurred there in Portugal are things that each Catholic is allowed to believe; in fact encouraged to believe by some in the Church. However, the faithful is by no means obligated to believe them.

Is the important distinction between public and private revelation made clear in this video? If so, I would show it to my children… If not, I would pass and recommend to others to pass

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