Poor Friars and Nuns that Evangelize the USA as the Hitch hike


Poor Friars and Nuns that Evangelize the USA as the Hitch hike:
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and who knows?
In the Name of Christ, you may see us on the side of your road asking for your help!



Well, this is certainly interesting. Seems like a wonderful idea. I think St. Francis would be pleased!!

Thanks for making us aware.

God Bless Your Ministry!


Oh, my, these people look like they are having way too much fun :smiley: This will be an inspiring way to evangelize, that’s for sure, altho I will worry about them, esp the young ladies (I guess I can’t call them girls). I will pray for their success and their safety.


God bless them all.


Peace and Good JamalChristophr,
Keep us in your prayers and that we can persevere doing the Lords work…
In our last hitching pilgrimage from Southern Louisiana to Santa Fe New Mexico, we were stopped by Cops some 4 times, where they told us people had been calling them saying ISIS was out on the streets! LOL !.. After a good evangelizion with the Police (once even backed up with a swat team), they apologized to us for the confusion, we gave them Miraculous medals, then they offered to give us a ride to a better place! God moves in mysterious ways!

Here is a photo from this last pilgrimage between Wichta Falls and Amarillo Texas:
*Ps. Theological explanation: It’s true… we’re continually trying to escape from the prison of this world and it’s schemes that imprison us into the of the fear of death! *


May the Lord be with you always!

Your story reminds me of a brother asking Francis what is perfect joy. :slight_smile:

I will do my best to remember to pray for your ministry. Please pray for me as I seem to be lacking fortitude and trust that I need to live my life well.

May Our Lady give you the strength of giants. God Bless!


It’s been a while since I have visited CAF and this is truly a pleasant surprise when I logged on this afternoon!

Good afternoon Friar Antonio! This is Dcn. Gary Lapeyrouse. Hope all is well and we are all looking forward to your priestly ordination this December. Your pictures from your recent pilgrimage were an inspiration and I’m glad to see that you attempted to evangelize the SWAT team!

Peace and all good to you all!


You are such a lovely group, is there a address where you can receive donations thru snail mail? God Bless, hope to meet you some day.
Will pray for you!


Peace and Good “whiterockdove”
God bless your generous soul. Thank for your will to help us, yet we are a community that lives in total providence and can not accept any monetary donations… Money obviously is not a sin, as also the Disciples had a safekeeping, but we choose to live in total Evangelical poverty to be all the more needy of God through mankind and like so to evangelize when we go out onto the streets hitch hiking and needing our food etc.

We have some friends who have opened a non profit organization that pays for our electrical and medical bills (that we have no government over), but they can take donations to then help us with these “bigger needs”, but I don’t feel it be the place to share their details on this forum… If you still feel pushed to help us in some way, I can privately give you them their details.


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