"Poor in spirit"?

What does it really mean to be “poor in spirit”?

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Not haughty or full of oneself. Aware of one’s sinful tendencies and fallen condition.


Being humble versus proud.


Fr Dubay’s book on this topic helped me very much:

To be detached from “the flesh” (in the broad sense) and attached to God and God’s will. Takes lots of prayer and practice for sure.
A wealthy person can be poor in spirit to the degree they are detached from wealth.

That you own your stuff, but your stuff doesn’t own you.

You can walk away from it any time.


I honestly believe that if we don’t experience some victimization, some level of persecution, some struggle, sorrow, and conflict due to our inability to fit into this world and align with its values, then we’re possibly more friendly with the world than with God, especially early in our walk.

And humility, as others have said, is central. The world is controlled and swayed by it’s own pride, enamored with “winners”. But our winner is an emaciated, humiliated, tortured God on a cross.

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