poor kid!


this is a pic that appears all over the internet.

okay…what kind of sick demented parent would give this picture away for reasons propaganda why america is so fat? This poor kid obviously has a serious health problem, an eating disorder, and what do the parents do? They post this pic all over the net with hateful comments everywhere about this poor boy! He looks only 5 or 6? did he choose to be hated all over the net for his health problem? no!!! Man, that photo ticks me off. Its not the kid - its the parents. They shouldn’t have distributed his picture all over anti-american “americans are fat” propaganda. Parents are supposed to protect their children not harass them! :mad: :mad: :mad:


So why did the parents allow this kid to be this way??? That is not protecting him in any way shape or form!
Just look at the JUNK he is eating…if they really cared about him they would get this kid medical help!


Things can be changed for the boy. If the parents want.
My nephew was viewed as “fat” (not that big)! His mother would just give in to what he wanted. Well when my brother was allowed back in the picture things changed. he now eats healthy food. His heigth is catching up to his weight! He is looking good! He is only 5 and wears and 8 husky!!! But… he is slowing down…or catching up so to say!

Don’t give in to the tantrums. Just because they don’t eat what you make, does not mean to let them have potato chips, candy and pop!!
Children should not “diet” but should be given healthy alternatives.


I’d bet a million bucks the parents are every bit as obscenely obese as they have made their child–we just don’t see their photos on the web because it is becoming so pathetically common to be 50-75-100 lbs overweight. Wonder how long it will take before this kind of life-threatening neglect will result in parents losing rights to make decisions for their kids?!


These boys may not be spoiled by their parents but suffering from a very real disorder that makes them eat continually.

I looked at the website but couldn’t find the picture or info on it. Could you provide a link, djamu?


IO - that is not necessarily always true. I am 75-100 pounds overweight!!! :frowning: :mad: :frowning: (I have major health problems and am on serious meds) but my kids are average in weight and heigth.
I have made a decision not to provide my kids the oppurtunity to get as big as me. (though when people meet me they don’t believe I weigh that much).
I have slowly been loosing weight, but it’s a long process.
While it is true that a lot of obese people have obese kids. It’s isn’t always so. And sometimes average or underweight people have obese kids.
My other always had snack cakes, chips, and junk in the house. So when I wanted a snack growing up I’d reach for a Little Debbie and not an apple.
Now I go for apples because I don’t allow junk in the house. Not always.

I personally believe a lot of people have ‘helped’ their children become overweitght because they give in to the tantrums. “Please don’t cry, here is a sucker” "don’t throw a fit in the store"
People don’t want to be viewed as a bad parent, so they do anything to shut them up.
me?? You throw a fit for candy, we leave. You don’t want dinnner? You get a PB sandwich or go to bed.

I’m so mean… LOL :wink:


Which is called PICA and ther is another one…I forget. I work with people like this. There are ways to make sure they don’t eat continually.


He could have Prader Willi syndrome, which causes insatiable hunger and uncontrollable eating, among other things.

Or he could have parents who give in to his every demand for junk food. We don’t know, and without knowing, it makes little sense to judge either the child or his parents.

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Prader Willi! That’s the one.


Shame on whoever drove him to McDonald’s. —KCT


THAT is my point. Excellent for you and your kids that you made a decision to change the dangerous patterns set for you by your parents and are preventing them from ever starting for your own kids!! I know it is not easy, applaud your daily struggle and will add your health to my prayer intentions.

I came from a mixed household where one parent chose to be very trim, active/athletic, and healthy in their food choices and lifestyle; the other chose overeating, indulgence and inactivity, medicated the symptoms of obesity (hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea) instead of chosing to face and address the obesity. Now the chickens have come home to roost and frankly, it’s tragic. I wouldn’t wish the health complications or the attendant caretaking burden on my worst enemy. And what really gets me…it was a choice, every single day.


I know someone is going to say (or think!)…here’s the old fogey again…but whatever…
When I was a kid (1950s in small town PA), there was no MikeyDs, no BK, no Pizza joints, nada!
We ate cooked food at home and had 3 meals a day, no snacks except for special occasions. A birthday was a huge deal because we were allowed cake! I never tasted soda until I was 8 years old. We weren’t allowed to drink it. (rotted our teeth, you know)
In my school, there was ONE - yes that’s ONE overweight kid and she was also the only kid in school that was not being raised by her parents (both of them). Maybe it was a compensation thing…I don’t know.
Point is, if kids are not given access to junk food, they don’t eat it.
Thank you for listening.


Um…PICA is the consumption of NONFOOD items:)

PICA-Pica is a pattern of eating non-food materials (such as dirt or paper). This pattern should last at least 1 month to fit the diagnosis of pica.


PICA is the eating or desire to eat non-food items, I thought?


It is;)


It wasn’t just the 50s – I grew up in the 80s with the same lifestyle. We did have perservative laden food, but every dinner was at the table, all 9 of us, and every meal had a meat, a veg (mostly out of a can, but it worked) and a starch (usually potato) and sometimes salad, but very rarely. We had oatmeal cookies (the kind that come 100 to the package for $.58) or an apple in our lunch once we were old enough to stay for lunch; K-5 we came home for lunch even tho the option was there to ‘eat in’ – we eat much healthier than that around my house mostly b/c neither DH nor I have much of a sweet tooth – with the exception of ice cream…he he…but even that is twice a week or so. The kids get dessert two maybe three times a week, if we think of it. They don’t snack much, only drink milk or water, juice on RARE occasion (just don’t see the point in spending good money on juice) – and get this, my 5yo who would rather eat vegetables than mac and cheese has cholesterol of 178! EEK – I can’t imagine if we ate like some people I see and read about…he’d be on lipitor by now. I thank goodness every day for the habits my mom instilled, even if she wasn’t a very good cook. She got the basics into us, and taught us the important things, even if she couldn’t afford to give them to us. THAT is what’s most important – no one is going to take our children’s health on them the way we will


My bad. I meant Prader Willi. Sorry. :frowning:


This is child abuse. Those children in the picture should be taken away from their parents.


WE DON’T KNOW why that child is the size he is. We do not KNOW even if this is his FIRST trip to McD’s, for pete’s sake. We don’t even know if he has eaten–he’s holding a cup and you do know that WATER is available at the fountain as well as light lemonade and diet Coke.

We don’t know if he has parents who are together. We don’t know if he has concomitant health problems.


If this picture had been taken at any place other than a fast food restaurant, would we be so quick to snap out our judgments?

IF. . .I repeat IF. . .that child and his parents/caregivers have not YET had him assessed by his pediatrician and evaluated, and IF they do find a disorder, he needs counseling and a dietician and possibly other therapies–as do the rest of the family–but it is ENTIRELY possible that everything ‘necessary’ is already BEING done.

Things are not always as they appear.

God bless this child and his family and help them with ALL their needs–physical AND spiritual.


In addition to that, we had (in school) physical education class two or three times a week, and two recess periods every day. During recess, we went outside (weather permitting), and got to run around and do physical activities, such as baseball, or jumping rope.

If we got to school early, and the doors were locked, we ran around – more physical activity. The modern way to deal with this situation is to vote in a tax increase so the schools can add on special rooms for the children to sit in if they get to school early (happened in the town I used to live in; a very low-crime area, I might add).

Play time was spent roller skating, riding bicycles, playing hide and seek, or engaging in other active games, not lying on the sofa pugged into an iPod.

I guess I’m an old fogey, too. :wink:

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