Pop culture needs to give Ruth Bader Ginsburg a break


I think it’s time to evaluate what exactly we’re trying to accomplish with the continued deification of the Brooklyn native.

The well-being of one aging woman now feels like the only thing standing between us and the uncertainty of another Supreme Court justice nominated by President Trump.


Ruth will live as long as God allows her to live, no more, no less. He could have her live ten more years just to teach us humility. Not that we are very good at learning.


I will answer his question:

But more importantly, a ground shift has taken place in how Democrats think about abortion. Back in 2005, I wrote that the Democratic “safe, legal and rare” formulation regarding abortion was logically and morally untenable: If Democrats wanted abortion to be rare thanks to its inherent immorality, there was no reason for it to be legal. Democrats have finally come around: They’re now “shouting” their abortions, proclaiming them from the rooftops, suggesting that there is a moral good achieved by abortion.

Yes, abortion is now a signifier that you refuse to be ruled by the patriarchy. Avoidance of pregnancy may be a wise life choice, according to third-wave feminists, preventing women from being sucked into the grinding maw of maternal life. But abortion is something even better: a signal that you just don’t care about the system. The system demands that if you’re pregnant with a child, you make your own concerns secondary; the system must be fought.



I wish Justice Ginsberg well.

She’s an acquaintance of my family, a law school classmate of my father (also an elderly “liberal” federal judge, appointed by George H.W. Bush), and a woman deserving of respect for her achievements, even if we have significant reservations about her politics (whatever they may be).

I’ll pray for her, as I’m sure everyone in this thread will.



Is Justice Ginsberg in any way responsible for (or even aware of) a tattoo some comedian got? I can’t imagine how she could be.


No. Who said she was?


Perhaps I misunderstood.

Your quoting from my post (“deserving of respect for her achievements”), and coupling that, in the same post, with an account of some comic getting a tattoo, made it appear (perhaps wrongly) to me that you were linking those two things.

If I was wrong, I apologize.


I think this guy is showing his respect her.


No doubt.

With all due respect, the sum total of what I have to say about Justice Ginsberg is contained in my first post in this thread.

So I’ll bow out of this thread now.


I just though you’d find this interesting. I think in another post somewhere you’d mentioned an interest in tattoos.


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