Pop Music All Sounds the Same Nowadays


Pop Music All Sounds the Same Nowadays

Your parents are officially correct. Nowadays, pop music all sounds pretty much the same.
Researchers in Spain came to the conclusion after tracking the timbre, pitch and volume of nearly a half-million songs released between 1955 and 2010. They found that in this music dataset — which spanned rock, pop, hip-hop, metal and electronic genres — the transitions between chords (a string of notes played at the same time), note combinations, tone and instrument choices all became less and less diverse over time. Meanwhile, the songs grew intrinsically louder.

  In short, there's been "a progressive homogenization of the musical discourse," Joan Serrà of the Spanish National Research Council  and colleagues wrote in a paper published yesterday (July 26) in the  journal Scientific Reports. "In particular, we obtain numerical  indicators that the diversity of transitions between note combinations (roughly speaking, chords and melodies) has consistently diminished in the last 50 years."
  Whereas in 1960 you might have heard startling chord transitions, [unfamiliar instruments]("http://www.lifeslittlemysteries.com/2083-tree-rings-sound-record-player.html")  and variation in the volume over the course of a song played on the  radio, tunes today restrict themselves to the "fashionable" set of  chords and note combinations, and maintain a uniformly high volume from  beginning to end.

Sounds about right to me, but why?
I’d guess maybe as each “wave” starts off with a few bands making big hits the crowd tries to follow the formula. But if that’s true, why was there more variety during the Swing, Big Band, Jazz eras?
Maybe cuz folks got more and more of their music from radio and records than from live venues?

The Pope Benedict says music with 3 chord progression doesn’t excite the mind. He’s talking about pop music.

I just thought it was me most popular music today is boring.
Synphonic metal on the other hand:thumbsup:

We had a guy working on our basement recently and he had the radio blasting. I swore it all sounded the same. Thanks for confirming that! lol

I don’t doubt the study, but I have to say that there are a few bands in the “pop” scene right now that are making music that is quite different. The first that comes to mind is the band Fun. Seriously, their song “Some Nights” sounds like a modern-day Queen song. It’s well written, catchy, unique, and interesting. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

Symphonic metal (orchestral rock hybrid), is favorite kind of metal music. Nothing sounds like a 100 piece orchestra with a metal band, synth, taiko-battle tom-metal percussion, and SATB choir.

It’s not a Western problem. Mainstream Taiwanese and Korean pop music is extremely boring. Hence, I choose to listen to non-mainstream Korean pop music over its mainstream counterpart.

Along these same lines, you all might find this funny:


I hate the music today. It’s awful.


Yes, I love Fun.! They deserve their fame.
They’re alternative, though. The vast majority of the actual “Pop” songs are… not worth listening to, IMO.

Yeah most of today’s pop music sounds the same and most aren’t even good. The pop in the 80’s was good. As for newer music I like, Symphonic metal and Power metal. :slight_smile:

To be honest, most music in most genre’s sounds the same. Even genre’s I love like country and blues it sounds similar. Honestly I think people are starting to lose their creativity.

I hear you guys! While there is a TON of great new stuff out there, Top 40 is, as usual, ****.

I can’t deal with auto-tuning or harmonizers. I’d rather listen to live stuff, anyway.

Good new stuff:
Neko Case
The Heartless Bast…s (you get the picture)
Mumford and Sons
The Lumineers

Perhaps this explains my recent observation. The other day, I was thinking about how many decades offered distinct musical genres and types. Disco in the 70’s, hair bands in the 80’s, even grunge in the 90’s. But I’d be hard pressed to identify something distinct about pop music over the past 10 years.

I’m with other people on the symphonic metal. :thumbsup: How can you go wrong. :slight_smile:

I think I agree here. At times I can’t even tell which boy group (I refuse to call them bands; bands have instruments. Some of these groups don’t even even have one, much less play one) is singing; they seem to sound the same. Of course, some artists seem to have their voice Auto Tuned as well, which adds to even lesser variety.

I agree. Even though there are some good songs from todays pop artists, most of it sounds the same.

Today’s artist should be more creative and experiment with different chords, new melodies, new sounds, etc. and not share the same electronic, hip-hoppish sound together.

Anyway, that’s just me.


My DD got this album for me, Gave a friend a listen we didn’t get through this tune and he was asking to borrow it.

Little wonder then, why I’m starting to like Vocaloid as well. o:

For those of you who are just curious, here is some interesting information about Vocaloid.


This is a better source of information about Vocaloid:

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