Pop Music All Sounds the Same Nowadays

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Regarding the OP,
This is not surprising, it really is just a small handful of companies who control 99% of the media market. That is a sure fire way to strangle any creativity. I used to think this downward trend of media was about money, then it dawned on me just how degenerate the themes tend to be in so-called pop media.

It’s a lot like the movies… despite family films being the top earners, hollywood consistantly pumps out trash. The music labels are owned by the same type of people, if not the same companies. It’s seems to have gotten past the point of money, and more a matter of culture control.

Whoever said that people don’t listen to live performances anymore is on to something.
I would add that people nowadays also seem afraid to listen to anything that hasn’t been announced by some media outlet as “the next big thing”.

I rmember some old timers talking about the band Kiss.
Seems when that band first came out there was a media blitz. All the disk jockeys had marching orders to announce them as the next “hit” even though most rockers thought they were aweful.
Truly, Kiss was an exceptionally talentless band.

It’s sad how a handful of producers have devolved our cultures into this sad state.

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Man I’m so glad other people feel this way.

But even better than Symphonic Metal is Christian Symphonic Metal.

I think overall, art has always been best when inspired by the Lord our Saviour. The reason modern music is terrible is because it is uninspired, or rather, inspired by vice and/or idiocy. Until we come back to God, art will never again be as good as renaissance art.

^Christian band, from Finland

^Catholic band, from Poland

^Christian band, from Finland

Cannon by Pachelbell is three chords.

I think that some three chords songs are pretty exciting to the mind. Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, most country music, and many other artists have mostly three chord songs.

Hahaha, I’ve seen that before. It’s pretty funny.

Ever hear of “payola”? “The number of times the songs are played can influence the perceived popularity of a song.” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payola

That’s why I call this noise “cigarettes for your ears”. Here’s the connection: Whenever I would ask a smoker how he got started, invariably it would be, “Because everyone was doing it.” Since the number of times a song is played can influence its perceived popularity, listeners are subconsciously convinced to like it because of that perceived popularity. “Everybody’s-doing-it,-so-I-must-go-along-with-them” mentality is the same as liking cigarettes. It’s an age-old play on a person’s desire to be a part of his peer group.

Only working with Tonio & Prima ATM. Saving up for the new Celtic voice in V3.

Just had a video uploaded:
The Vow Is Sacred Now, Classical/Metal. First Original:

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listens ;3
It is very beautiful! :3


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