Pop singers to perform before papal Mass at Madison Square Garden

Fran, your apology suits you - thank you. Also apologies on my side if I reacted too quickly.

My understanding was that you found U2 agreeable - I know several more people who take some quotes of Bono (that he believes in Jesus) and his charity work and use it to show that it’s one of the few Christian bands.

Despite several of the lyrics, the syncretism shown in the concerts, and recently the revelation that their charity is not too charitable - I took U2 as one of the ‘least un-Christian’ mainstream acts.
What you tell me adds to this idea and clearly crosses this line.

My point is a bit this:
One might think that U2 would be a good choice because they are so ‘Christian’. As per some of Bono’s quotes, as states above.
A catholic radio station around here plays random classical music - I didn’t research into it but some of the composers may have masonic influences. But maybe they just think it’s bett
I’d prefer Gloria Estefan - her Latin roots remind of a love purer than what I see around me here.

To carry your idea further: Yes it could be a christian choir - but that would demand a type of more reverence. Someone pointed out that (probably for security reasons) people have to be there 4 hours in advance.

Most lay people can’t focus on God for 4 hours, risking that by the time the Mass started, all kinds of strange things are happening. Better to first serve them acceptable secular entertainment, so when the Pope comes the reverence can be accentuated.

I don’t know though - big Masses are not my favorite kind anyway, especially when they are celebrated in a secular environment. There was a big difference to me between the beach of Copacabana and the field at Madrid. That’s why I am so delighted that next WYD is in Poland, and I see a lot of spiritual initiatives rather than 'make-a-selfie’actions from the organisations. But that’s another topic…

Without commenting on the actual concert or its participants . . .

^^^This. I would never go to one, ever.

We walk this earth so sure of our superiority and that we are the apex of human knowlege and tallent. Then, we showcase this with our accomplishments and offer to the Pope the best we have to offer.

I wonder how history will judge our “pinnacle”

Harry Connick Jr:

Performing for the Pope. Arrested trying to bring a gun through airport security. Was a staple on a show that glorified homosexual sodomy.

Jennifer Hudson

Staunch Supporter of SS"M" not only singing about it but being quite active in pushing it to be legal. Supporter of one of the most pro death presidents, despite the fact that her family was murdered in the streets that Obama and Emmanuel claimed to be social activists for. Baptist.

Gloria Estefan.

Hey, at least this one is not a bad choice. But I could have sworn that the 1980s was a different Pope… Two Popes ago? Well, perhaps our nostalgia is right, you may have to go back 30 years to find any sort of talent at all:shrug: One has to wonder though, Shakira? Her hips don’t lie. Was she too busy?

While we are at it? Was Sinead OConner not available?
No, NWA? No Snoop? No Villiage People? man… this is as hard to book as the super bowl halftime show…

Somebody get Brittany Spears on the Phone and see if she still has that Catholic School Girl outfit…:rolleyes:

And the Pharisees and the scribes grumbled, saying, “This man receives sinners and eats with them.”

Hey, Martin Sheen will be onstage before the Mass too. Sound the alarm!

Yes, but must we show this in the same way Chicago paraded its Blackhawks team after they won the Stanley Cup?

Martin Sheen is a good choice. Perhaps it is Charlie you would be thinking should be there?

Perhaps we could Juxtapose the two and do a skit of the prodigal son, BEFORE he returned… Emelio (the mighty Duck Man Himself) Could play the Good Son with brat pack friends. We could call it the Eucharist Club.

we could tie it to the Blood moon and call it Apocalypse Now!

But seriously, Did you see “The Way” What a great movie with Martin and Emilio. They have strong Catholic Roots.

Does Harry Connick Jr know Latin? Does the Pope? what of the idea of silence before Mass for prayer? Will beer be sold?

Apparently we must. It is how Mass is celebrated commonly these days…

Seriously? People wishing to perform and pay respect to the Pope is cause for squabble? To me it seems some would rather have a monk choir sing and only them. I see nothing wrong with having pop stars sing. I believe I heard Aretha Franklin is also set to perform.

And again, the non-Catholic provides the voice of reason.

Some folks just seek for a reason for :mad: and :eek:

I think it is cause for some self deprecating humor and parody.

I think it would be foolish to expect the culture we currently have to change for this one visit. But I also think it is equally silly to suggest that this culture we have recognizes any sort of real talent on a historical level.

I think it can be a discussion that involves perhaps the anti- Christ world we live in.

I don’t know what a “monk choir” is but you may be on to something, will there be any Gregorian chant? or is that too complicated to autotune?

Will there be any honestly Traditional representation in the green show or the opening “acts” before the headliner?

I would think contemporary Christian music and chant would both be appropriate since those are the most cmoon forms of liturgy in the US. Seems fair to all involved. And it doesn’t seem too egregious to select musicians who endorse the Church’s teachings. Again, there are plenty. Is Colin Raye performing?

Either way, I am not surprised, nor am I losing sleep, since I am not surprised.

I agree. Not surprised, so not losing sleep. But I don;t think Greg chant is even on the radar as one of the most common. Here are most of the Masses in my area.

8AM Organ. Breaking Bread Eagles wings stuff
10 AM music group breaking bread eagles wings stuff
1130 AM Hippie Choir, Breaking bread
1 PM Spanish
5 PM rock concert featuring only hits from top 20 countdown on Christian Radio.

No chant.

I think Martin Sheen is a fine choice too, but he does play a gay man :eek: in a homosexual relationship :eek: in his latest TV series. To my knowledge he is a very devout Catholic actor on the progressive end of the spectrum, which I’m guessing does not meet everyone’s approval in this forum. But I certainly wish I could be at that Mass.

Yes, I saw the movie *The Way * that he did with his son Emilio, and I thought it was good, though the script was a little trite and predictable at times. Loved the visuals of the Road of St. James :thumbsup:. I was raised on all of those Insight programs from Paulist Productions that Sheen often starred in back in the '60s.


That’s why I find these papal visits so unappealling , at least to personally attend. I would rather spend one hour in adoration than attend 100 papal Masses. In fact, I wasn’t a Catholic when I visted Rome, including one of Benedict’s papal audiences. While I love Pope Benedict, it wasn’t the audience that hooked me on Catholicism–it was the Romans crossing themselves as they passed churches amd the beautiful liturgy on Vatican Radio that I listened to as I walked around town.

The solid faith of ordinary Catholics always beats the superfandom of papal celebrity, even if you happen to be into both.

Re a huge Mass…

You know how I feel about this by now; but I DO disagree with you on the above:

The Mass at that underground church which hosts about 15,000 at Lourdes.


No Eucharist, but the evening liturgy, still Lourdes, with the candles and singing. Brings tears to your eyes.

Otherwise, I agree with you.


What an interesting post Colorado007. Italians do that,crossing themselves when passing in front of a church. I always thought it was rather silly and too religious. And anyway, the Santissimo isn’t even in sight.

But see, God could use anything to bring you to Him. Anything done in good FAITH is beautiful in God’s eyes.

Thanks for the post.


Maximillian I agree a good pick would have been Colin Raye or John Sarta’s beautiful music.

I hope our Holy Father looks at these pro same sex marriage advocates and all people promoting sames sex marriage and says, “promoting same sex marriage is only hurting your country and the family!”

I don’t know if that can be assumed and I don’t know whether they looked into the backgrounds of the performers. Whether they did it not, perhaps they just didn’t think the own personal views of the performers should be a factor? I’m not sure. I do have to say though, you mention Catholics, that there are probably many Catholic singers, and groups who don’t get a lot of recognition in the wider music industry, and to perform at Madison Square Garden could have increased their profile and given them an amazing opportunity.

You understand that an actor is an actor, right? I think that when planning the MSG event, the Cardinal and his staff did an awesome job. Thankfully we live in the USA where we are not part of a Putin type pogom on humans who are not straight. In America, over 50% of Catholics support civil marriage for all. I fully understand that statistics have no meaning when discussing dogma, but, especially in one of the most progressive cities in the entire world, the performers seem too be well chosen. Über conservative Catholics are going to be unhappy with Pope Francis no matter what he does because he is trying to show compassion and understand those in lifestyles other than the Catholic norm. This world is not black and white, thank goodness. We need the slight shades of grey and the wonderful pop of colors in our lives which obviously means that differences are what makes this world fascinating.:rolleyes:

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