Pope: Abortion is never OK, equates it to “hiring a hitman”

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis said Saturday that abortion can never be condoned, even when the fetus is gravely sick or likely to die, and urged doctors and priests to support families to carry such pregnancies to term.

Speaking to a Vatican-sponsored anti-abortion conference, Francis said the opposition to abortion isn’t a religious issue but a human one.

“Is it licit to throw away a life to resolve a problem?” he asked. “Is it licit to hire a hitman to resolve a problem?”


Thank you, Holy Father. Abortion has always been a ‘human rights issue’.


but some will still justify voting for the party trying to force it on all states

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Pope Francis deserves a little credit for affirming prolife, when speaking to an audience of prolifers. It seems the great majority of his prolife comments are only when the house is filled only with prolifers.

It would mean a lot more if he affirmed prolife to other kinds of audiences: for instance, when he is addressing…Jesuits; University presidents; the LCWR; Lutherans and Anglicans; journalists.

These are people who do NOT hear prolife messages all the time, like the people at the prolife Conference. They would benefit from a strong prolife message far more. It might be the first prolife message they heard in a long time.


There are those here who should hear what the Pope has to say.


Notice, the Holy Father does not mention exception clauses. THAT is a pro-life message!!


In my diocese, the bishops meet with prolifers every year. They always say “Prolife is important! You people keep up your good work”.

But prolifers were the only people who were told prolife is important. We are essentially a special interest group, a personal hobby. If all the prolifers decided to quit prolife, and get active in X, I am sure the bishop would tell us Heh, X is important. Keep up the good work.

The diocese as a whole is committed to Peace and Justice, Ecumenism, Inclusion, etc. These were priorities for Everybody, not just for this or that little group.

I see the same thing happening in Rome now.


You can spread the message here and elsewhere.

He has used this exact analogy before. It works as an analogy, is it a powerful message? To some.

Likely would be better if you put me on ignore as you feel I am pro-choice, and cause you such anger.

It is not the first time I’ve been told I am too pro life to be a pro lifer, won’t be the last time.

Exceptions have noting to do with politics and every thing to do with protecting life from conception til natural death. Our Holy Father never mentions anything these exceptions, that is important to point out.

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Please don’t personalize this. I only talked of debate. Someone who always claims pro-life laws do not work, who would even argue that clinics closed does not help lower abortion should have their arguments questioned.


It is good that the Pope said this. Now if only he could just back up his words and stop honoring abortionists at the Vatican.


I agree 100%. I also wish he would say these things in front of other audiences and not just ones full of prolifers.


In my former parish, there already was a small group of senior ladies who had meetings for Our Lady of Fatima, when the new pastor came. He would occasionally tell them, and only them, how important Marian devotion is.

Prolife is in a similar situation in many parishes and Dioceses. It’s an approved optional activity for those who feel the need to do it.

Perhaps that’s how it is in Rome now.

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I think his words are extremely harsh to women who seek abortions. Hiring a hit man is a crime. I thought the idea was to criminalize those who perform abortions, not the women seeking them.

Abortion itself is extremely harsh, to the boys and girls who get aborted, and later to the mom. Sugar coating that reality hurts women.
The pope didn’t equate this to being a hitman, but to hiring one.


You will find voices in the pro-life world who call for both :frowning:

For argument’s sake, why shouldn’t the woman be charged with murder?

Because in the legal sense, murder has a specific definition. At this point in time, direct abortion does not meet the legal standards for murder. That could change if laws change.

Then how could an abortion provider be charged with murder?

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