Pope about to "approve" Tridentine Mass?


Anyone see this?


What’s the implication here?


Yes, we have seen it. We saw it this month, last month, the month before, the month before that, etc., etc., etc. We saw it last year and we saw it the year before that. We saw it while JP2 was still alive, and we have seen it repeatedly and most frantically since B16 came in, with each new report sounding more and more like it will happen imminently.

What we have NOT seen, however, is the motu proprio actually happen. We have had our hopes raised repeatedly and so many times, that most who desire it probably prefer to abandon all further speculation, and simply pray and wait until it actually happens. :bowdown:


Here we go again !

When it’s finally here then I might actually believe it


On the plus side, the Pope himself said that the Apostolic Exortation on the Eucharist is due out very shortly.

So we can see the results of the Eucharistic Synod.

Hopefully it will put a clear end to all the violations of Redeptionis Sacramentum (such as the continued pouring of the Precious Blood that is still happening in SoCal)



We’ve had rumours about this almost every month since Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI.
Waste of time speculating and getting excited about rumours. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.


There are links to the proposed text of the Apostolic Exhortation on the Eucharist here:


Some very interesting stuff in there… that alone should keep people debating for days…


Hope it is approved but if so the American Bishops will resist it if they can.:rolleyes:


The Tridentine Mass doesn’t need approval. It has never been disapproved. An indult was issued some time ago, leaving it up to local bishops to impliment it. The long await motu propio would presumably make it more readily available.


Not permitting a true Tridentine Mass is contrary to the doctrine in Vatican II, yet the reality for most of us. The jurisdictions where FSSP is welcome in the US are limited, at best. At arms length, I believe many resort to SSPX where FSSP is not permitted, rather than participate in the liberal masses of the day in the US. It is my understanding that motu propio would give every priest the right and option to say the Tridentine Mass without approval from the Bishops. Time is of the essence here. The need to regain control and respect from the American Council is clearly overdo. Why is Rome afraid of the Bishop’s threats? I say let them leave. There are plenty of true apostles out there who would take their place under the proper conditions.


Has anyone seen a pink pig flying yet? Lovely notion, but it’s
an internet rumour I’m betting, especially since this rumour appears every month.


**As nothing new has been released concerning a motu proprio at this time, the discussion is tabled for now.

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