Pope accepts Cardinal O'Brien's resignation

Pope accepts Cardinal O’Brien’s resignation.

UK’s most senior Catholic cleric will not attend conclave to elect next Pope.

“I will not join them for this Conclave in person. I do not wish media attention in Rome to be focussed on me – but rather on Pope Benedict XVI and on his Successor,” Cardinal Keith O’Brien said today.

Full report:sconews.co.uk/news/25823/pope-accepts-cardinal-obriens-resignation/

I saw this on CNN.

It seems to be a wise choice on behalf of O’Brien.

However, I expect the Holy Father is pulling his hair out in despair.


The church will be stronger.

Just read D. Thompson’s commentary. He claims that the pope asked him to resign right now.


He also confirmed that he will NOT be attending the Conclave

“I will not join them for this conclave in person,” O’Brien said. “I do not wish media attention in Rome to be focused on me – but rather on Pope Benedict XVI and on his successor.”


Apparently, he had requested resignation back in November due to his health/age. I wonder how that timing falls wrt the allegations.

I think this was the right call. And I am beginning to wonder whether we will see other clergy resigning as the coming months ensue.

It’s interesting how the BBC terms it, we all know the Cardinal had resigned, so per the BBC, the Vatican decided to make it effective immediately.

Cardinal O’Brien said in his statement he had already tendered his resignation as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, due to take effect when he turned 75 next month, but Pope Benedict “has now decided that my resignation will take effect today”.


I first saw Davidn87 and PepiPop mention this.

The magnitude of these continued scandals is truly straining my faith.

I hear ya…hang on. Remain hopeful that on the other side of all of this there will be a stronger and more faithful and obedient Church.

There’s been many, many, many, many worse clerics than we’ve had now. Benedict IX, Alexander VI etc.

It’s the Church and the Offices that are holy and protected. The men there are sinners like us. Don’t conflate the two things.

True, true. We remain called to be faithful.

I understand, however, these men have real impact and there are consequences to their deeds.

Also, though we don’t know if accusations are so and true, they seem to fall into that decade or two where there were more problems. Of course, we want and expect the church to not have this nowadays, at least much much less. No excuses.

It’s very strange. I wonder if the Pope knew something a little more about this situation. It’s hard to believe, if keeping the conclave free of scandalous appearance was his main priority, that he would force O’Brien out but not Mahony.

Precisely. These allegations, if true, were a throwback to the '80’s. A stronger, smaller and more faithful church is the aim, as stated by Pope Benedict on numerous occasions.

I think the difference is that O’Brien wanted to resign prior. I would think that if Mahony asked to resign, the Pope would accept that as well.

Added: which makes me wonder whether we’ll be hearing of a Mahony resgination soon.

Is there evidence he forced O’Brien out? Or are you meaning rather that he didn’t force anybody, but that it is better explained that O’Brien and Mahoney’s decisions are their own?

If you read the article, O’Brien says flat-out that he submitted his resignation months ago, that it was accepted “nunc pro tunc” – now for later – and that Benedict decided to enforce his resignation effective immediately.

But you’re right that that doesn’t necessarily imply resignation from the college of Cardinals, I’m not sure why I was conflating the two. Still, I wonder if there’s no connection there.

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