Pope Acknowledges Anglican Church in North America

Pope Francis sent his greetings to the new Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in North America who was installed this past Thursday.

“Pope Francis has signalled his blessing to the breakaway traditionalist American church at the centre of the split which has divided the 80 million strong worldwide Anglican Communion over the issue of sexuality.”


And a gift to the new Anglican ACNA primate was received from the RC Archbishop of Atlanta: his episcopal crozier.

I draw absolutely no conclusions from either of these events.


The Pope was friends in Argentina with the Bishop of the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone (who is an American and is a friend of an Anglican priest friend of mine.)

The ACNA currently allows dioceses to have women’s ordination only to the diaconate and priesthood. The Reformed Episcopal Church (REC) which is a founding jurisdiction of the ACNA does not have women’s ordination.

Yep, to all. Bishop Venables is the former Primate of the Southern Cone, now the Bishop of Argentina, under Bishop Hector Savala Munoz, who is now the Primate of the Southern Cone.


We can recall the Pope’s warm greetings to the new archbishop of Canterbury, his meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew, his friendship with the evangelical Anglican Tony Palmer, his message to a church of American Penticostals – it seems he thinks it proper to show brotherly regard for all his fellow Christians.

Good man.



So sad to read about his death :frowning:

He seems to have a gift of welcoming others.

There’s no question that the ACNA is closer to us on some things than are the Episcopal Church. However, what you quoted makes it sound like the pope is involving himself in intra-Anglican issues.

Interesting point. I hadn’t really thought of that, I just copied the first few sentences.

Thanks for your comment.

Was not Venables at one time bishop of the Rio Grande (NM and far west Texas)? Or am I off my rocker? Their are quite a few NM and west Texas churches that have split away from the Episcopal church. In fact the church I used to visit in El Paso is now the oldest Episcopal church in EP. St Clements that my friends belonged to has split away.

No, he’s English, and spent his time in South America in various spots.

Steenson was bishop of the Rio Grande, before he went to Rome and then became the Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter.


Society of Saint Pius X ?

I think more of a sense of being cordial towards others beliefs and differences.

“Having been invited by Rome, Bishop Bernard Fellay will meet with Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, during the second half of September 2014”. sspx.org/en/news-events/news/cardinal-muller-invites-bishop-fellay-meet-4734

Thanks for the comment.

I don’t know. Rome did invite Bishop Fellay for talks. That seems cordial.


What were you thinking?

Rome also allowed SSPX to celebrate a Mass at a side chapel in the Vatican on the 100th anniversary of the death of St. Pius X. I thought that was cool.

A - SSPX were told to "Come and submit to the teachings of Vatican II, which includes worshipping the [evil] “Spirit of Vatican II”. That is hardly “an invitation”

B - Pope Francis lovingly and/or respectfully speaks of those who are members of ‘Churches’ that deny or ridicule Catholic faith but about those who adhere to the un-disoriented historical Catholic faith there is a silence. Why he does not invite SSPX to come and see him personally and discuss the crisis in the Church ? Jesus was open to all, why isn’t the Catholic Church open to those who are genuine Catholics ? Why Pope Francis does not go to visit SSPX personally ? Didn’t Jesus left us a parable of a shepherd who leaves his home to find and bring back a lost sheep ? Why are Synagogue and Jews fit to be visited but normal Catholics are not ? Why is there so much venom towards those who want to preserve the intact deposit of faith, who resist the demolition of the Church ?

Originally Posted by ChurchSoldier
He seems to have a gift of welcoming others.

Seems like we could come up with more far-out examples than that (Islamofascists, or even some of the nuts in our own country). Seems a little pointless, though, since ChurchSoldier probably wasn’t making an absolute generalization.

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