Pope allowed Crucifix to be relpaced by Buddha?!?!?!


Durring a recent discussion someone mentioned to me that durring the World Day of Prayer in Assisi in 1986 Pope JPII elevated all religions to the same level of veracity as Christianity. They person mentioned that he had read in a book (I forget the title and author) that teh pope allowed the crucifix to be replaced by a statue of Buddha. Now, I find this very unlikely and unbelieveable 1) because the author provided no citation or method of substantiating his claim and 2) because in formulating my response to this person I’ve read the pope’s closing speech to the event and excerpts of Ecclesia in Asia and Nuvo Millenio Intute and Gadium et Spes (sp?). The pope makes a clear distinction while addressing Christians and non-Christians and his intention seems to be far FAR from the authors claim.

I have not, however, found any mention, in the positive or negative, about the Crucifix being replaced by Buddha. While the burden of proof for this remains on the author of the book (It is much easier to provide a positive proof than a negative proof for a claim) I would appreciate any feedback on this. I would like to, if possible, be able to reply to this person that, the author’s claim is completely false and here is why…

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NovusOrdoWatch* doesn’t even mention changing crucifix to Budha. Thus, the possibility that it’s true is very little.


  • it’s a radical Traditionalist site fill with hate. The opposite is RadTradWatch


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