Pope and Divine Liturgy

Given that he is the shepherd of all the Catholic Faithful, can the Holy Father coming from a Latin Background canonically celebrate a Divine Liturgy of an Eastern Rite? I would assume yes?

Some pictures here:



That’s so beautiful! Thanks Peter! I absolutely love the universality of the Catholic Church!

Admittedly, it’s rare that any Pope celebrates in other than the Roman Rite but it is theoretically possible. He is technically the one person who is omni-ritual, meaning that he may celebrate in any Rite he so chooses, freely and at his own discretion. For example, I believe PP Pius XI once publicly celebrated according to the Byzantine Rite (Italo-Greek usage), and John-Paul, IIRC, publicly celebrated according to the Byzantine Rite (Ukrainian usage) at least twice. The same applies to the few surviving non-Roman Western Rites as well.

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