Pope and the Trinity


I have been told that the pope denied the Trinity in his book, “The Ratzinger Report.” Is this true?


Without seeing a citation, the burden of proof is on the person making the claim.

I find it inconceivable that Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger could deny belief in the Holy Trinity.


I own the book. The Holy Father did not make such a statement.



Was he not the Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith when this report came out?

Would he not have been required to then to open an investigation on the orthodoxy of his own writings?

I am 100% sure he did not deny the Trinity.


rules of engagement:
go back to the source for this allegation, ask for proof or documentation. if it is not forthcoming, ignore.

if not citation is provided by OP, thread should be closed. if there is going to be an ongoing discussion of Cardinal Ratzingers writings it should be moved to the proper forum


I am awaiting a copy of this book to check for myself, I was just hoping to pull from other sources who have already read this book for support. Thank you all


As the others have said, when someone makes a claim they have to provide you with the evidence which we can then discuss. Its not up to us to refute an unsubstantiated claim.


I have been told that anti-Catholics lie. Is this true?


Someone who is opposed to the truth… lying? Say it ain’t so!

But then again, it’s also true that Catholics lie, and that’s a sadder fact. :frowning:


I hadn’t been told that—how can it be a fact? :wink:

Of course, lying is a sin, regardless of one’s religion. God cannot be Truth and condone lies.

Given man’s tendency toward sin, we must always verify claims made, which is why the advice given by others above is so useful.


Thanks again to all who replied to my initial question. I am currently in discussion with a Sede relative and didn’t have access to the book in question. As a follow up, proof of the claims made against the Holy Father have not been forthcoming. God bless.


I am currently in discussion with a Sede relative and didn’t have access to the book in question.

**OH–something claimed by a schismatic sedevacantist.

What should THAT have told you immediately?**


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