Pope arrives, receives quite a warm welcome!






…don’t ask me who parked a hundred buses on the Pope’s way :o

What a near disaster! Brazil really botched the arrival of His Holiness.

Pope Francis landed in Rio de Janeiro on Monday afternoon, July 22, to begin the first international trip of his papacy, for World Youth Day (WYD). From the airport, the Pope was …


:eek::eek::eek: SECURITY!!! :cool::cool::cool:

And Francis loved every minute of it. Apparently his window was rolled down and he was glad handing and kissing babies. And let’s not blame Brazilian security for this one. They were probably under orders from someone who was enjoying himself.

Aparecida, Brazil, Jul 22, 2013 / 04:44 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Brazilian military discovered an improvised bomb in a parking garage bathroom at the shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida July 22, which Pope Francis is due to visit on Wednesday, July 24.

“It was a homemade device with little potential to cause fatalities,” according to a statement of the Brazilian Air Force. “It is worth pointing out that such episodes formed part of our security forces’ training in Aparecida and at no point were civilians' lives in danger.”

The bomb has already been destroyed. It was discovered around 11:30 am in Rio, during the completion of simulated exercises by security forces, according to Brazil's Grupo Estado.

Pope Francis landed in Rio de Janeiro this afternoon and was driven through the city in a car with its windows down, as tens of thousands of faithful swarmed around the Roman Pontiff.

He was transferred to an open-air Popemobile, and later addressed representatives of the Brazilian government and met in private with the nation's president, Dilma Rousseff.

During his address, Pope Francis urged World Youth Day pilgrims “to show consideration towards each other” and “the sympathy needed to establish friendly dialogue.”

He added that he had come to Brazil in Jesus' name, “to feed the flame of fraternal love that burns in every heart.”

Pope Francis is due to arrive at the Aparecida shrine the morning of July 24, venerating the image of Brazil's patroness. He will say Mass at the basilica at 10:30 a.m., and then meet with local bishops and seminarians.

Aparecida will host some 5,000 members of security forces on the day of Pope Francis' visit to the city.


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I very much doubt the Pope asked Brazil to park a bunch of buses in his way on route. The Brazilian government should have planned this better.

I have a feeling that one day this Pope is going to be seriously injured or worse. Perhaps he is happy to take those risks, eh.

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I very much doubt the Pope asked Brazil to park a bunch of buses in his way on route. The Brazilian government should have planned this better.

Does it say whether these 100 buses were buses used to transport people wishing to see the Pope hoping to save car space and keep traffic down

Love the headlines.

“Pope Mobbed by Crowd” - Love how they touch his van.


. :thumbsup:

We need to pray for the safety and health of our holy pontiff, as well as for all the pilgrims to World Youth Day.

That’s what I was thinking, but then again, the route could have been planned a bit differently. Anyways he made it safe and sound to where he needed to go.

I also noticed the “sign of the times”…“a large crowd followed and pressed around him”, yes, but the intention was not to touch at least his clothes…instead it was more like: “If I could just* take a picture of him with my cellphone*” :o

I think the Holy Father is experiencing a new degree of contact with the crowd…people at the Vatican are sort of used to seeing the Pope, so they are big crowds but more organized…and before I do not think he had to face such crowds as bishop or cardinal…now he meets big crowds who see in him a passing image of Christ’s vicar on earth, and they will go for him with the same dramatic thirst we read of in the Gospels…and that love can overwhelm and hurt. I hope he will slowly acknowledge this, and trust more in the safety measures recommended by his personal guard…

POPE’S TRANSLATED SPEECH courtesy of Rome Reports

Madam President,

Distinguished Authorities,

Brethren and Friends!

“In his loving providence, God wished that the first international trip of my pontificate should take me back to my beloved Latin America, specifically to Brazil, a country proud of its links to the Apostolic See and of its deep sentiments of faith and friendship that have always kept it united in a special way to the Successor of Peter. I am grateful for this divine benevolence.

I have learned that, to gain access to the Brazilian people, it is necessary to pass through its great heart; so let me knock gently at this door. I ask permission to come in and spend this week with you. I have neither silver nor gold, but I bring with me the most precious thing given to me: Jesus Christ! I have come in his name, to feed the flame of fraternal love that burns in every heart; and I wish my greeting to reach one and all: The peace of Christ be with you!

I cordially greet the President and the distinguished members of her government. I thank her for her warm welcome and for the words by which she expressed the joy of all Brazilians at my presence in their country. I also greet the state governor who is hosting us in the government palace, and the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the government of Brazil, the other authorities present and all those who worked hard to make my visit here a reality.

I would like to greet affectionately my brother bishops, to whom falls the serious task of guiding God’s flock in this vast country, as well as their beloved local churches. With this visit, I wish to pursue the pastoral mission proper to the Bishop of Rome of confirming my brothers in their faith in Christ, of encouraging them to give an account of the reasons for the hope which comes from him, and of inspiring them to offer everyone the inexhaustible riches of his love.

As you know, the principal reason for my visit to Brazil goes beyond its borders. I have actually come for World Youth Day. I am here to meet young people coming from all over the world, drawn to the open arms of Christ the Redeemer. They want to find a refuge in his embrace, close to his heart, to listen again to his clear and powerful appeal: “Go and make disciples of all nations”.

These young people are from every continent, they speak many languages, they bring with them different cultures, and yet they also find in Christ the answer to their highest aspirations, held in common, and they can satisfy the hunger for a pure truth and an authentic love which binds them together in spite of differences.

Christ offers them space, knowing that there is no force more powerful than the one released from the hearts of young people when they have been conquered by the experience of friendship with him. Christ has confidence in young people and entrusts them with the very future of his mission, “Go and make disciples”. Go beyond the confines of what is humanly possible and create a world of brothers and sisters! And young people have confidence in Christ: they are not afraid to risk for him the only life they have, because they know they will not be disappointed. As I begin my visit to Brazil, I am well aware that, in addressing young people, I am also speaking to their families, their local and national church communities, the societies they come from, and the men and women upon whom this new generation largely depends.

Here it is common for parents to say, “Our children are the apple of our eyes”. How beautiful is this expression of Brazilian wisdom, which applies to young people an image drawn from our eyes, which are the window through which light enters into us, granting us the miracle of sight! What would become of us if we didn’t look after our eyes? How could we move forward? I hope that, during this week, each one of us will ask ourselves this thought-provoking question.

Young people are the window through which the future enters the world, thus presenting us with great challenges. Our generation will show that it can realize the promise found in each young person when we know how to give them space; how to create the material and spiritual conditions for their full development; how to give them a solid basis on which to build their lives; how to guarantee their safety and their education to be everything they can be; how to pass on to them lasting values that make life worth living; how to give them a transcendent horizon for their thirst for authentic happiness and their creativity for the good; how to give them the legacy of a world worthy of human life; and how to awaken in them their greatest potential as builders of their own destiny, sharing responsibility for the future of everyone.

As I conclude, I ask everyone to show consideration towards each other and, if possible, the sympathy needed to establish friendly dialogue. The arms of the Pope now spread to embrace all of Brazil in its human, cultural and religious complexity and richness. From the Amazon Basin to the pampas, from the dry regions to the Pantanal, from the villages to the great cities, no one is excluded from the Pope’s affection. In two days’ time, God willing, I will remember all of you before Our Lady of Aparecida, invoking her maternal protection on your homes and families. But for now I give all of you my blessing. Thank you for your welcome!

[01081-02.01] [Original text: Portuguese]

That is horrible. I hope it was not an assassination attempt. That said, I did pray the Rosary for the Pope’s safety during his time in Brazil.

Brazil did not botch it up. The Vatican reported what happened. The road has 16 lanes. The city had cleared the four central lanes on the southbound side for the pope’s motorcade. When the driver of the lead car made the right turn, he turned too soon. Instead of turning into the center, he turned into the far left of the right lanes which were reserved for buses and pilgrims. In other words, he was one lane short of where he was supposed to be. The cars behind him followed without realizing what they were getting into until it was too late to back out.

Why must we always think the worse?

The Vatican also addressed this question. Fr. Lombardi quoted the Holy Father saying that in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi who was one with the poor and in the manner of St. Peter who walked among the martyrs, the Bishop of Rome must not shy away from danger. He has no plans of changing his mind on this matter. His intent is to be able to physically touch the people and be touched.

He (the pope) told his secretary to clam down. The secretary was concerned for the pope’s safety when they were trapped in that crowd. The pope told the secretary that he was enjoying himself and if something happened, it is God’s will. “We do not own anything in this world, not even our lives.”

This was interesting, because this is a direct quote from the Rule of St. Francis to our order. These may come out soon in Vatican news. We get it through our own internal memos from Franciscans who were present. These reach us as things are happening. There are several Franciscan communities reporting: MFVA, OFM, OFM Cap, and FMDV

I heard the actual speech in Portuguese. The English translation does not do it justice. There are certain words and expressions in Portuguese that don’t exist in English. Also, if one does not hear the voice behind the words, one misses much of the nuance.

It was a great speech. Madam President’s welcome address to the Holy Father was equally beautiful. It was very informal, friendly, passionate and hopeful.

Whether one agrees with either one or neither, one had to admit that they were very comfortable with each other, both avoided all forms of political correctness, but spoke as friends to each other, which is refreshing, because North Americans and Europeans tend to be much more formal in these ceremonies.

There was even a lot of hugging and kissing. The Holy Father hugged the President and kissed her when she welcomed him. He also hugged her and kissed her goodnight as he was leaving the palace. The entire event was very beautiful. If you understand Portuguese, go to CTV. You can see and hear the entire thing without the English overlay. The English translation that was posted above was being read as the pope spoke. I saw it first on EWTN and later on Salt & Light TV. I was disappointed, because Pope Francis is generally a very energetic and charismatic speaker. This was rather flat.

Later, a brother told me that the video was on CTV in Portuguese without the English overlay. I watched and listened and was delighted. It is much much better. There are certain points that the pope makes with humor, other to which he adds great energy.
God wished that the first international trip of my pontificate should take me back to my beloved Latin America, **

When he said this, his voice cracked. You could see that he is actually homesick and is delighted to be among his people. This explains a great deal his decision to live in Casa Santa Marta. He did say that he needs to be around people. Hearing his voice and the emotion with which he delivered this line, I can now understand the man’s attachment for community life, family and home.

They were mobbing him before the motorcade got to the buses. And the Pope’s Fiat and tendency to roll down the windows didn’t help things. Brazilian security could have been better (put up some barriers), but some of Francis’ delightful openness led to that situation.

Police have found and defused a small bomb near the shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, which Pope Francis is scheduled to visit on July 24.CNN reported that the bomb had "low destructive …


Planned or unplanned, concern or no concern those security guards earned their wages that’s for sure!

Yes, I bet they were quite relieved when it was time for them to be relieved. :slight_smile:

They were the only people who weren’t having a grand old time. (And Monsignor Alfred who is becoming Francis’ straight man.). The difference between Francis at the official welcome vs. Francis on his glad handing tour around Rio was quite amusing. He seemed a bit annoyed that he had to cut his baby kissing sort to attend to boring ceremonial stuff.

Sorry to have disagree Brother, but the Pope’s life was clearly at risk and the “Official Statement” is only for political/public-relations purposes.

As to the the Pope risking his life; He not only risks His life with His carelessness but all those around Him. The Swiss Guard, Vatican Security, Brazil’s security assets, the Papal Party, the Brazilian delegation, and the all the people in the crowds are at grave, mortal risk if His Holiness has a lapse of judgement or someone messes up. He can not afford to be that careless. We do not need a rock star pope with a death wish.

May the Holy Father have a long, healthy life!!!

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