Pope asks G-20 leaders to remember the poor, work for peace [CWN]

Pope Francis called for attention to the poor and to the pursuit of peace in a message to the “G-20” meeting that will be held in Brisbane, Australia, on November 15-16.In his …


I am referring specifically to abuses in the financial system such as those transactions that led to the 2008 crisis, and more generally,** to speculation lacking political or juridical constraints** and the mentality that maximisation of profits is the final criterion of all economic activity. A mindset in which individuals are ultimately discarded will never achieve peace or justice. Responsibility for the poor and the marginalised must therefore be an essential element of any political decision, whether on the national or the international level”.

He’s right. Capitalism needs restraints. A lot of them. The little guy in this country gets screwed all the time in favor of big corporations. Or politicans who cut back food stamps right in the middle of a depression. We have to consider the poor!!!

I live in the city where this years G20 is.

For the past month the disdain with which the Council and security authorities are treating the homeless in our city is horrid. I work with a homeless food van run by the diocese and have heard some disturbing stories.

A meeting by the rich, for the rich on how we can get richer whilst funded by the average Australian taxpayer.

I do not quite get your point. Are you referring to the contries involved and so you believe it would be better to invest it in your homeless.rather than hosting this event ?
Cause you say as ." We get richer ’ and I assume Australian too and then you refer to Australian taxpayers.
I am honestly not too sure about what is upsetting you.

“Responsibility for the poor and the marginalised must therefore be an essential element of any political decision, whether on the national or the international level.”


Good to see the Holy Father point out that responsibility for the poor and marginalized is an essential element of national political decisions.

Pope Francis is always surprising me whenever I check up on what he’s doing. I’m a college student taking a philosophy class about environmental views and was pleasantly surprised to see parallels when he addressed…I forget where, but grassroots activists in Latin America, telling them not to give up and that the social structure of abusive Capitalism is too flawed to support people. My classmates wouldn’t appreciate Catholic anthropocentricm, but the article was great anyhow as a source for a paper I had to write. I hope he never changes!

Read my post again.

I am upset by police brutality against the homeless.

I am upset as a taxpayer having to fund this useless group of world leaders who perpetuate war and promote policies which make the poor poorer and the rich richer.

Now I understand what you are saying.
Sorry to hear homeless people have been treated brutally. That is terribly unfair and inhumane. So good you can help them by distributing food :slight_smile:

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