Pope Awards Highest Honor to EWTN Founder Mother Angelica and Chairman

IRONDALE, AL, October 5, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Pope Benedict XVI has awarded EWTN foundress, Mother Mary Angelica, and Deacon Bill Steltemeier, Chairman of EWTN’s Board of Governors, the Cross of Honor for distinguished service to the Church. The medal, officially known as “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice” (literally “For the Church and the Pope”), is the highest honor that the Pope can bestow upon laity and religious.

Bishop Robert J. Baker of Birmingham conferred the awards in a brief ceremony following Sunday benediction at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama.

“The Holy Father’s recognition of Mother Angelica and Deacon Bill Steltemeier is a much-deserved honor. It acknowledges the tremendous faith, hard work and incredible sacrifices that each of them have made throughout the years in founding and building up the Network,” said EWTN President and CEO Michael P. Warsaw. “Their recognition is also a great honor for EWTN and is a clear sign of the importance of the Network’s mission for the Church and the Pope. We are grateful to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and to Bishop Baker for this honor.”

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This is absolutely wonderful! EWTN is definitely a blessing to so many of us… those of
us who have been Catholics since birth, the Reverts, and the Converts. While I know
their greatest rewards will be when they come in front of Our Lord, I’m so glad this honor
was bestowed on them now, especially to Mother.
Thank you Lord.
Next, founders of Catholic Answers???


+1 :thumbsup:

Congratulations Mother Angelica!! I admire you so much! You have been carrying a very heavy cross for many years for all of us. You absolutely deserve the “Cross” of Honor". I have been praying for your sainthood for the last few years. You are a living miracle and deserve to join Mother Teresa and Bishop Sheen on the road to sainthood after you have finished living a long life here on earth.

Mother Angelica is a heroic person who brings truth to the masses in such a straight, clear and uncompromising way. To paraphrase Our Lord’s description of Saint Jude: Mother Angelica…there is no guile in her. Well deserved honor.

I am very happy about this award, and that the recipients are around to know about it. It will get some trendy clerics I know to have their knickers in a twist, tho. They can’t stand her or EWTN.

Great news for a wonderful network.

Congratulations, Mother…Roanoker

I wonder how Cardinal Mahony of LA feels about this! LOL :smiley:

A rousing ‘Alleluia’ and ‘Amen’ to such a well-deserved accolade. And we the faithful, by extension, are truly sharers in this honor, that we should be so fortunate to live during an age of the Church in which she has produced such extraordinary and exemplary sons and daughters (e.g. Mother Angelica, Mother Teresa, Father Corapi, our most recent Holy Fathers, et al.)!

When I think of Mother Angelica and the fruit of her labors, EWTN, I always recall how I would cringe at the poor production values…especially when juxtoposed with mainstrain media and Hollywood technical standards. It always made me feel so discouraged that the best we American Catholics could muster was some sort of public access quality programming. Yet, my wife and I would return to EWTN, again and again…until we became regulars. The message shone through all the technical shortcomings. I believe that the Holy Spirit has guided Mother Angelica’s hand, and that the meek and humble nature of her network is in deliberate contrast to the slick, polished propaganda of the secular media…as a way to delineate as clearly as possible what divides these two disparate entities. Mother Angelica has stood in defiance against the greatest concerted effort to destroy the Church in its history. She is a saint in the perceptions of my family.

God Bless Mother Angelica and Decon Bill! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I pray that Mother is made a Saint one day for her evengelical work! :slight_smile:

– Cadian :knight1:

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