Pope Benedict challenges atheist, says he never hid abuse cases


Nicely done.

Nicely done indeed!

This is what I really like about Benedict XVI…very honest and straight to the point. No sugarcoating for him.

BTW, I’m amazed at the level of intelligence our Popes, like I was watching an English interview he gave on Youtube years ago and his English was absolutely perfect, and I’m sure by always staying at the Vatican, he’d only communicate in Italian or his native German!

One of my favorite things about him is the fact that he was an extremely accomplished polyglot.

Bam. Classy, reasoned and intelligent. Love it.


Poor Benedict. He worked so hard at rooting the filth out of the Church, even engaging in a high-profile (by curial standards, anyway) battle to wrest control of the abuse investigations away from Card. Sodano’s Secretariat of State, who had derided them as mere “press gossip,” and who proceeded to berate local ordinaries for their failure to man up and enforce clerical discipline. Now he’s being maligned even at the twilight of his life. Truly, God’s beloved are always hated in this world.

Link? :yup:

*In his letter to Odifreddi, Benedict XVI welcomes an “open dialogue” on questions of faith, and addresses the Italian writer’s points on Biblical scholarship and the understanding of Jesus. The retired Pontiff strongly defends the role of faith as a companion of scientific reason, and questions whether secular scientists sometimes overreach the boundaries of their own fields, venturing into “science fiction” to explain matters that strictly empirical analyses cannot explain.

Benedict takes Odifreddi to task for using mathematical logic as, in effect, his own religion. He remarks: “I’m amazed that with one stroke you eliminate freedom, which… is the fundamental principle of the modern era.”

Pope-emeritus Benedict also addresses the sex-abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, and his own role in addressing the scandal. “I never tried to cover up these things,” he assures Odifreddi.*Catholic Culture

I think this is the Italian of what ran in La Repubblica.

Nevermind. Duplicate thread. Who expected it to be so far down the list!

I believe this is the Italian of what ran in La Repubblica if anyone wants to translate. :slight_smile:

I’m also partly amazed, that if this skeptic is simply using the God-wasn’t-First-Cause-Nature-Was argument, that such an argument still has legs in materialist circles. Why this isn’t merely seen a linguistic substitute for that which is First Cause may have more psychological factors for it than anything else.

Go Benedict :nunchuk:

I’ve found a blog where a priest has made his own translation of as much of this letter as is available.

I absolutely love the part in the letter where he blasts his opponent for such shoddy historical work regarding the ‘real Jesus’. Benedict, like the good professor, refers him to a four volume textbook for remedial study. :smiley:

My favourite part is where he says:

Most respected Professor, my critique of your book is, in parts, harsh. But frankness is a part of dialogue; only thus can knowledge grow.


I hope the Pope Emeritus sees that he is not undermining the Holy Father and continues now to write. I derive so much edification from his work!

This letter is so articulate and sober. :o

It’s like his pre-papacy days. This is how the name “God’s Rottweiler” was born :knight2:

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