Pope Benedict commits Heresy

Yes, Pope Benedict committed Heresy when he “faced Mecca and prayed like a Muslim in the Blue Mosque,He did not make the sign of the cross” Did Jesus ever pray before an idol? Islam is a false religion. It does not believe in the Trinity or that Jesus is God. A Pope does not need to be politically correct. Of course Pope Benedict is only following in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II.He not only kissed the Koran but prayed that “John the Baptist woul protect Islam” He called Islam a great religion. This is just another example of why Vatican II was the 9-11 of the Catholic faith. Vatican II promotes “religious liberty” which was condemed by past Popes. One is not free to believe anything one wants. There is only one true faith. Pope Benedict is weak. The Vicar of Christ needs to tell all non-christians that they cannot be saved.

Do you have a link? How do you know he didn’t make the sign of the cross?

And this is what I don’t understand… even IF Vat ll was the “9-11” of the Catholic Church, as you say, where do you suggest we go?? This is it… THIS is Christ’s Church… what do you suggest… we overthrow the Pope? Pray? What? :confused:

All that Pope Benedict did was pray while the other person was praying. He was not praying to Mecca, he was not praying in the way of the Islam.

Do you know what he was praying to? Anyone can pray wherever they want. You do not have to make the sign of the cross every time you pray.

The Vicar of Christ needs to tell all non-christians that they cannot be saved.

This statement is wrong and goes against Catholic teaching. Sounds like you have more issues about the Pope then just his praying in Turkey.

I once prayed at a mosque at the funeral of a clients son. I got down on my knees and bowed just like everyone else in the mosque was. of course the difference was i was praying for the repose of the soul of his son and ended my silent prayers with “In Jeusus’s name I pray”. Bet the Pope did the same thing-neither of us are heretics


I recently visited Jerusalem and prayed at the Western Wall. It was suggested that when we prayed there we not make the sign of the cross because it is a highly volatile area and we could place ourselves and others in physical danger. As a group we asked ourselves what we should do. We did not wish to deny Jesus as our Savior. We decided, as a group, to put our crucifixes on the outside of our shirts, to go together to the Wall, pray and then walk away from the Wall as religious Jews do …never facing away from the Wall. We did not make the sign of the cross.

We did not commit heresy. Either did the Holy Father.

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