Pope Benedict delivers thought for the day on BBC

The BBC has a tradition here whereby a figure will give a thought for the day on Radio 4. Often it tends to be a religious figure,.although not invariably. For the first time ever the Pope is giving one. Here is him delivering the speech which was used:-


It’s a little depressing that the highest rated comment on that video says that he didn’t understand half of what he said. I understand the pope perfectly…

Anyways, that’s not the point. It’s good to hear from the Holy Father, especially on the radio. I think that’s really cool considering how much of a celebrity the pope seems to be these days :slight_smile:

God Bless him.

NEVER read the comments on things such as these, especially on Youtube. You get the most ignorant and vulgar people spouting all sorts of lies, and it’s even more fruitless to attempt to reason with them. God Bless Our Pope!

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