Pope Benedict: Francis' Secret Weapon

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Since Benedict XVI resigned and Francis became pope I have suspected that there was more to the resignation than meets the eye. I agreed with Benedict’s decision to resign; however, I understood that there was a critical strategic advantage in doing so.

When people look at the papacy and the Church I believe they severely underestimate our ability to think strategically and decisively. Granted, many Church officials refuse to see the battle that has been raging between man and the demons for thousands of years. However, the hierarchy of the Church is not ignorant to the obvious truth that we are in a state of war.

When Benedict stepped down and was replaced by Francis I had a slight suspicion that the whole process was for a reason. Once I found out that Benedict and Francis met regularly and neither were living within the actual Vatican but outside the papal apartments I knew something was definitely going on.

Here are my observation and when possible I have linked an appropriate news story:

  1. Benedict resigned due to health and stress related to the job and office.
  2. This resignation allowed him to be present when the next pope was in office.
  3. Being alive while the next papacy functioned allowed him to advise and dispense critical knowledge known only by him to the new pontiff.
  4. His retirement home was extensively renovated.newsfeed.time.com/2013/02/13/the-popes-new-pad-where-benedict-xvi-will-live-after-he-steps-down/ Which could also be a cover for getting rid of bugging devices
  5. Francis did not move into the papal apartments but rather a smaller guesthouse. This would be far easier to secure and de-bug.
  6. Benedict and Francis meet regularly and privately consult with each other.

The saying that two head are better than one definitely applies to this case. There is no doubt in my mind that the resignation was a way to have a stronger Church. There’s still only one pope; however, having a pope emeritus gives the new pontiff critical advantages. It is quite true that Benedict is Pope Francis’ secret weapon.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this, but I’ll say one thing. Pope Francis has the “best grip” on economics of any pope in the last 100 years. Maybe this was an area where Benedict was looking for someone to come in and articulate the Church’s teaching.

The “weapon” Pope Francis has is not a secret – it his faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, period.

We need more faith in the Church, less conspiracy theories.

The purpose of Pope Francis showing this goodwill toward Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is to show continuity between the two. I think it’s a subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) way of Pope Francis letting everyone know that the mainstream media is wrong in suggesting that there’s a big difference between the two.

I would say no. If your theory was right, one would expect that Benedict would give info to Francis who would then be able to act on it. But Francis has not “cleaned house”, or made any big Curial or organizational moves, so even if this theory was true, nothing has come of it, at least not yet.

If your conspiracy theory was true, it sure doesn’t seem to be supported by what’s happened in the last year.

AMEN, God Bless. Memaw



True. We shouldn’t take Dan Brown as a role model. :wink:

I can believe that this is possible but one thing needs to be clear, Pope Benedict, when he resigned, had no idea that Pope Francis, would be Pope. If Pope Benedict wanted to do this, did it matter to him who would be the next Pope?

From what I’ve heard, Pope Francis came close to getting elected before. So I think Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI would have been well aware of the possibility of a Pope Francis.

I agree with this.

Let us not forget that Benedict did not know who would be elected after him. Not all the cardinal electors were Benedict’s friends, and he must have been aware that someone not sympathetic to him could have been elected. He put his trust in God and did what he thought was the right thing to do. I admire him for that although I was so sad to see him abdicate.

I think that we are witnessing God’s hand in all of this. The Holy Spirit guides the church and I don’t think that what has happened is a coincidence or just human agency.

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