Pope Benedict to be indicted?

I just stumbled across a website itccs.org/2013/02/13/pope-benedict-resigned-to-avoid-arrest-seizure-of-church-wealth-by-easter/ stating that Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, and that he could be facing indictment… What in the world is this?

Who knows… I am not a conspiracy (sp?) person, but there is something I think bad behind his resignation. His health is failing, but so was Pope John Paul II He stayed to the bitter end. I don’t think what you read is true. but I think our Holy Vicar had enough of what ever is going on there and he resigned. I think most stuff you hear will be just garbage… but I do think he resigned for other reasons than just health. I wish he hadn’t as I think he was a great Pope.

It’s called an internet hoax.

From the little that I understand of it–there is a group which has sort of “deputised themselves” and assumed unto themselves the status of a “world court”.

These are the folks who have “indicted” His Holiness and seek to “bring him to justice”.

Others, many who know better, have been perpetuating this as if it is a genuine governmental body with some sort of legal standing.

It’s not.

'Nuff said.

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No, it shouldn’t be moved there, because it’s not news It’s a hoax. Ignore it.

I can’t wait until the “International Tribunal into Crimes by Church and State” tries to arrest our politicians for breaking our laws. :smiley:

But if our leaders all get arrested, who will run the country?!

I think the moderator should decide.

Finally the people??? that would be a switch.

I agree with your assessment and also feel that this is an attempt for some on line fools to get their 15 minutes of fame. I truely wish there were some way to bring such people before a court of law. A year or two of incarceration at hard labour would have a miraculous effect on these Anti-Catholic dreck purveyors!



I shudder to think the fate that really does await them if they persist in this kind of anti-Catholic nonsense. I hope they see the light before it’s too late.

HAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHAA!!! That was CLASSIC!!!the best post of the year that was CLASSIC!!!My Goodness I needed a laugh and that did it.

These wouldn’t be the “OCCUPY THE VATICAN” people would it?

You know when I see all these protests, marches, stand-ins, whatever, etc, I cannot help but think how different seeing the ones who protest in silence seem to shine better than the outspoken crowd. When I see “OCCUPY…” whatever and marches for “freedom” i.e. abortion, gay marriage, I see the Cainite children gathered with Nimrod at the Tower of Babel shaking their hands toward Heaven as if they know any better.

What a sad world. I am to the point of giving up altogether on anything political. I will still fight for the unborn and defend the church, but other than that, nah…let the world do as they wish for one day they WILL render an account to the eternal God, Christ himself.

Heaven help them… It is quite HOT down there. I think they will be stoking a fire. Lets hope they repent. I hope Jesus appears to them… I think Lightning strikes should come back I really do.

:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup This story really shows how we must not bear to false statements. One great man suffered bc of false statements, our Lord JesusChrist:

Why do you think he resigned for reasons other than his health? You must have compelling evidence if you are willing to state that in a public forum. Please elaborate for the rest of us.

I just have a feeling. Why can’t I state my opinion in public?? Look at Pope John Paul the II He was really really ill. and he was still at the helm. I think that Pope Benedict is orthodox and that people in the right places don’t like it. That is my feeling. I am not affraid to publically state my opinion.

You should at least do some due diligence before posting garbage don’t you think?

Who is the ITCCS? (itccs.org/)??)
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The ACCAW, ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State – an official sounding title for an organization with no authority or power to judge anything.

They are activists.
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One of their releases paints them as an action group with an agenda against the Catholic Church for their allowance of abuse, and even for the deaths of youths in the care of Catholic organizations that ran homes that took native peoples and caused their deaths.
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