Pope Benedict XVI reveals he would prefer an Italian Pope over a foreign one

Italian current affairs programme TG2 Dossier broadcast on Saturday evening has unearthed the contents of an interview with the Cardinal of Munich just before the 1978 conclave: “It is crucial to emphasise the local importance of the papal role.’

Read more: vaticaninsider.lastampa.it/en/homepage/inquiries-and-interviews/detail/articolo/benedetto-xvi-benedict-xvi-benedicto-xvi-14243/

In hindsight we can see the work of the Holy Spirit in the election of Bl. John Paul II and in the even more fully international role of the modern Papacy. In 1978 we’d had Italian Popes for nearly 500 years and it was easy to see the appropriateness of that considering the fact that the Pope is the bishop of Rome. I’d be interested to find out how his thoughts on the subject have changed in recent decades.

Yes, the headline is a bit misleading because it suggests that is Pope Benedict’s current view.

1978 was a different era. And the opinions he expressed as Archbishop of Munich are not necessarily the same opinions he holds as pope.

True, but I imagine there are a lot of mornings where the Pope wakes up wishing some Italian had his job instead of him :wink:

I wonder if he would prefer an Italian pope over Cardinal Burke???

Opinion based on an extremely old interview

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