Pope Benedict XVI: Speaking the truth!

The Pope is truly starting to “step it up” in bringing back Traditional Catholicism. Not only did he release wide permission for the Traditinal latin mass, but he also released a document affirming the traditional Catholic teaching regarding (Christian)non-Catholic churches. That they are incomplete and those members need to convert. There is only one true Church --the one that the Pope is head of—THE CHURCH OF ROME!!! HOORAY FOR THE HOLY FATHER!!!

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I am from a conservative Protestant background. Although I don’t agree with the Pope, I am glad to see him speak directly about the church’s position. Until his statement, I was a little shocked at how PC the church was starting to look. Kudos to the pope.


If people want to dialogue and discuss with the Church, how can they do so if they do not know where she stands? The Holy Father has done ecumenism a service by making things clear.

One of the problems we tend to have is that some things which for non-Catholics are a contest of ideas are for Catholics de fide, and can’t be backed away from . The attributes of the Sacraments and the Church herself are in that category, and this needs to never be lost sight of in discussions.




full document at above link

Well, he couldn’t very well claim to be the Pope and tell people to go to a different church…now could he?:slight_smile:

Is this all written in the MP? I am having trouble understanding this whole thing.

No, the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith released a new document outlining the role of the Catholic Church as the One, True Church founded by Christ.

This is a seperate document from the M.P.

Not sure what is new about this. How is it making it more clear :confused: and thank you brendan.

Hello everyone,

Also BXVI has reestablished the 2/3’s vote in the conclave for the next pope. This is not widely known. Our priest at the indult mentioned this.

That was not-so-famous M.P.

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