Pope Benedict XVI & the mosque in Turkey


I was reading this page on Pope Benedict XVI praying at the blue mosque in Turkey, and I really was so angry, but after researching more on that incident, I came through this YouTube video, and after watching it, it calmed me down, because I noticed the following:

The Muslim cleric prayed one Sura from Quran (probably Alfateha) from 0:25-0:49, I knew that by his action when he moved his hands upon his face, then he turned back trying to leave (he assumed that Pope Benedict XVI has finished), but Pope Benedict XVI continued praying till around 1:52, and that really what calmed me down, that assured me that Pope Benedict XVI wasn’t following the rituals by that Muslim cleric.

However, I could like to know how that comply with the Catholic Church “canon 1258” which according to that article it states:
It is not licit for the faithful to actively assist at or participate in ceremonies of non-Catholics”.


As the article indicates, the canon cited is from the 1917 *Code of Canon Law. *The 1917 Code of Canon Law was replaced by the 1983 Code of Canon Law. I don’t know if there is a similar canon in the current (1983) *Code of Canon Law; *I didn’t find one but I’m not all that familiar with it.

Be that as it may, from the description of events, it does not seem to me that the pope actively assisted at or participated in any particular non-Catholic ceremony, he merely prayed silently, while discalced (barefooted), not unlike some Catholic religious orders. As far as facing Mecca is concerned, I don’t think Catholics are under any obligation to face or not face any particular direction when they pray. However, if it helps, from Turkey, the Holy Land is in the same (SSE) direction as Mecca.


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