Pope Benedict's New Book

Am a quarter the way through Jesus, The Apostles, and the Early Church.

Really wonderful. Anyone else reading it? Would love to start a reading group at the parish.

How does the Pope have time to write a book? I don’t even have time to read one these days! :blush: I’m still hoping to read his last book sometime soon.

I am reading his last one right now; it is excellent.
In the author’s preface, he explains that he had been working at the whole of both books, for some time before he became pope. He points out, with no little undertone of humor, that (:slight_smile: paraphasing here),:smiley: “I haven’t had a lot of time lately, so I am publishing the part I had almost finished first”. I thought that was so sweet & funny…As you say, when does he find the time??

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