Pope Benedict's Spirit of the Liturgy


Anyone read it?? I saw it at Barns and Nobel today, flipped through a few pages, but didn’t have enough time to actually see what the gist was and weather or not reading it would be worth the price.

Anyone read it and have something good/bad to say about it? Does it ever really touch on the traditionalist movement?? It’s by the Holy Father, so I know it’s going to be good, but is it worth buying??


Benedictgal is very fond of the book.
I have a copy and I plan on reading it when I get home from vacation (currently working on St. Theresa of Avila’s Interior Castle)


I read it and loved it! It was my first book concerning our faith that I have read as a adult ( besides the Bible). I enjoyed it so much that I am on a role and have been reading all books on our faith. I hate to read! Now I have found something interesting (our faith). Our Pope is a very deep and complicated writer. I would read a paragraph and have to reread and think about it. It took me a long time. It gave me great respect for our Pope. He is so knowledgeable and knows so much. His books can be very tough to read because he is so scholarly. This book and Jesus of Nazareth are probably the more easier readings of his books. Just be prepared to think very deeply. I also enjoyed Born Fundamentalist Born Again Catholic by David Currie. Easy reading. Good Luck!


I found it to be a great book. It’s very readable but it has profound insights on the meaning and nature of the liturgy. I think it’s one of the most important books by Pope Benedict – he exposes a lot of the errors that modern liturgists have falled into today also. He has a full chapter on the need to return the altar to the ad orientem position also.


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