Pope Benedict's wonderful message about the Mass:

This is a beautiful message from our Holy Father about the centrality of Christ in the Mass.


Isn’t it beautiful? I read it earlier. I think that we are going to see really wonderful things happen during this upcoming Year of Faith, especially now that our beloved Holy Father has entrusted it to Our Lady! :slight_smile:

Yes! It is, Lormar!
And something for those considering RCIA to think about, who may be coming from some of the protestant backgrounds where the focus is very much on how to “move” people solely through music, entertainment, etc. I came from that background and until RCIA, didn’t understand the truths about The Real Presence of Christ in Holy Eucharist, and as our Holy Father expressed so beautifully, the centrality of Christ in the Mass. I posted this link up on my Facebook page and hope that people who are searching for the Truth will be moved to inquire.

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