Pope blesses woman and her unborn child



(Former Miss USA Ali Landry, active in the pro-life movement)

How sweet is this?

How sweet is this indeed! Glory be to God.

Thanks for posting it.

May God bless you.


Both a sweet gesture, and a profound statement. Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

nice post and beautiful picture.Thanks!

That is wonderful!
At the Cathedral my son and his wife go to, either the Bishop or one of the Priests there would always bless my daughter-in-law’s babies like that on her way out after Mass.
At the Parish I go to, our Pastor usually asks all the pregnant Mothers to stand on Mother’s day and blesses them.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they all did this after every Mass?

Saw that earlier :thumbsup:

Wonderful beautiful picture.

Her husband directed the pro-adoption film Bella. Wonderful couple.

Lovely :slight_smile:

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